Today is our first day with our new online school.  It’s part homeschool and part charter.  Since we are still waiting for some of our books to arrive, we did our own thing.  I AM TIRED 🙂

I have a 6th and 2nd grader and have total respect for anyone who does this with more. 

We did some math, art, PE, science, language arts, and anything else I am forgetting.

We learned that the Pilgrims may have had popcorn (not sure how) for the first Thanksgiving so we popped some in the microwave.  If you want to try this, take some paper bags and some kernels.  Put a handful of kernels in the bag and fold the top down a few times.  Stop the microwave when the popping starts to slow down.  You can then add any flavorings you want or leave it natural for a healthy snack.

Is tomorrow school too?

Have a “Learning” Day.