For me…

I am on a quest to write rotating menus for the entire year, in 4 month rotations.  I have one section done and just finished another when the computer, printer, went down.  I lost most of what I worked on.  It was saved throughout but then lost it in the end.  I wish I knew what happened, but I do know that my printer is mostly to blame, as if it detects low ink it is as stubborn as a mule and will not produce anything and thus froze up on me, and it was close to seeing a wall nearby (close up)!!!

All in all I lost about 8-10 hrs of work at least!!!  I was, am, so upset, but I do know that there are worse things to happen in life so you move on.  But I will say that the printer is on very thin ice with me!!! 

Have a “Nice Printer” Day!