I recently read in Grace  For the Moment, Morning & Evening Edition, by Max Lucado:

“Aging is God’s idea.  It’s one of the ways he keeps us headed heavenward.”

This really struck me as I am starting to really see the aging process this year.  I have started paying more attention to the anti-aging products are out there.  I see the bent toward the younger.  I feel the pressure to change or keep a younger appearance.  Anyone else relate?

The devotion also gave an analogy of tulips and how people don’t purchase “petal wrinkle cream or plastic-leaf surgeons”.  He goes on to talk about how “tulip lovers rejoice the minute the bulb weakens” as it’s about to bloom.

Max Lucado goes on to say how, as we age, the angels get more excited.  “He’ll (She’ll) be coming home soon.”

So what so you think?  Does this change your thinking about aging?

Here is Max Lucado’s website if you are interested: http://maxlucado.com/

Have a “One Day Closer to Heaven” Day!