Have you read this book by Dr Kevin Leman? 

I have listened to him via the ParentTalk radio program for many years (not sure why he is no longer on there).  He is funny and practical.  Wish I was a little more of that sometimes.

Mu hubby and I are reading this to , of course, get a new kid by Friday 🙂

So the first day, Monday, starts with thinking about how we respond to our children.

Tuesday was about Attitude, Behavior, and Character (and that means us too..mostly us actually)

Last night was on discovering what type of parent you are:  Authoritarian, Permissive, or  Authoritative.

Authoritarian – One who is big on rules with little to no flexibility.

Permissive – Would be one who wants to be friends with their child and everyday is Disneyland

Authoritative – Is a parent who is a healthy balance between the two.  Fun but has healthy authority over the child.

So where do you fall?

Hey I think this book is more about changing me then my child 🙂

Have an “Authoritative” Day!

Here is his website for all his wonderful resources : http://www.lemanbooksandvideos.com/store/