Can you believe the Olympics is wrapping up?  I guess the fix will have to last until the Summer Olympics.

So until the next Olympics here’s what you can do until then:

1) Start training now.  You never know you might just be the next gold medal Olympian in the high jump!

2) Invite your friends over to talk about the Olympics so it never ends.

3) Wear Olympic sponsored clothing all the time.

4) Make your reservations for England.

5) TiVo it so you can keep watching it over and over.

6) Watch Pre-Olympic Competition and pretend they are as excited as they would be in the Olympics.

7) Install a Beach Volleyball court in your backyard.

8 ) See if you can find a used water towel from one of the divers on EBay.

9) Hang pictures of all the Olympians in your home.

10) Call all the medalists and invite them over for dinner.

Have a “Closing” Day!