Have you ever heard of BzzAgent?  You join and get to test all these products.  Well, this is what I received and tested:

It was like Christmas.  I was so excited.

Here are the results:

Before with no make-up (I am taking the pic so be kind).  Am I brave or what? :

After -with the Max Factor Products:

The only thing I added was concealer and a little eye liner.  The rest was their products. 

I really enjoyed the lipstick as it’s the one that stays on all day.  Just be careful to correct any mistakes quickly or they are harder to come off.  This is my favorite type of lipstick though because I need it to stay on without reapplying all day! 

Not too long ago I decided to go into a expensive makeup store and see what all the fuss was.  I got a couple of things and one was mascara that the lady recommended.  I spent way too much (compared to drug store) and was not that impressed.  I now have the two, Max Factor and the expensive one, in my makeup and I choose the Max Factor one every time.

The powder was nice.  I like to use a bronzer since I am so fair skinned, but it was nice and neutral.  The brush was a normal type brush with no particular features that I would say I must have.

I really enjoyed playing with these products and would enjoy trying more from Max Factor.

P.S. – There is a fantastic buy one and get one free deal for Lipfinity and Maxwear lipcolors at Wal-Mart! You and your glamorous friends can find the instant savings, limited time deal in the cosmetics aisle at your local Wal-Mart, but get there fast as this deal will end once supplies run out.

Have a “Reviewed” Day!

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