For those of you who don’t know, I have a child who is adopted and has some emotional/behavioral issues.  Just when we think life is going along..BAM!  This is one of the moments.

( Me) Go into room.  “What is that smell?”

Now this is a problem that we have been dealing with off and on for sometime, along with others, and honestly I try to avoid his room.

Him   ”                                                      ”

SILENCE!  No honest answer to be found.

There was a pee ring on the floor that was as big as a chair.  Apparently he found a corner to pee (hear -saturate) in at night instead of going to the bathroom just a few feet away from HIS ROOM!!!!  Honestly our house in not very big!

The carpet is going to have to be torn out and we will have to paint the concrete.  FUN!  I’ll just fit that in between homeschooling, part time work (although not much anymore), and keeping up on my chores, k?

He has no bed frame as he was stuffing items under it including stolen food (that since rotted).  He has peed and pooped (smeared actually) on the carpet before.  And his bed isn’t smelling too good. 

AUGHH!!!!!  Quit moving that football LUCY!!!!

Can we tear that part of the house down and start all over?

The joys!  The joys!!!

This to shall pass, but when?

Have a “Clean” Day!