My Max Factor post was one of those interesting experiences.  You can see it here if you didn’t catch it :   You put yourself out there “In The Raw” sort of speak.  You know I really don’t care as much about what people say as I use to but still it was vulnerable.

It got me thinking about how scary it is to show ourselves without makeup say, yet the people closest in our lives see us that way all the time (unless you are one of those that puts makeup on before anyone else gets up and take it off after they go to bed and then I say you just need help..just kidding.. I think)  But what about the pool?  Don’t people see you without makeup then?  Or worst yet, with “oops my mascara isn’t waterproof” eyes.  Or how about when you are crying?  For most that is not a pretty picture. There aren’t too many that can cry gracefully. 

But, here’s the kicker, do I care to make sure I am giving the same when it comes to my attitude?  Do I guard my emotions in the same way as I guard answering the door in my jammies or an unmade face?  OUCH!  I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I do all the time.  I think I protect my outward appearances far greater than my inner ones And in all actuality comes out in very visible ways anyways, don’t they? 

So my challenge is to guard my inward self as much as my outward self.  What about you?  Do you struggle in this area?  Do you have a story to share?  Remember we all learn from each other and you know what?  I think we learn more from “In The Raw” than professional photographs.  What do you think?

Have an “Inwardly Gorgeous” Day!