September 2008

Yes, it’s a busy month for us.  Mother-In-Law’s B Day, The Anniversary of my mother’s B Day and Death (she passed away 20 years ago today), My Marriage Anniversary, Our son’s B Day, and my blog anniversary….whew!!!  I am not even sure if I got it all.

Anyways, since my Mom passed away on September 24th and then her brother (my Uncle) passed away two years to the date, I wanted something positive on this day.  I got married on it.  And boy did I turn it around.

I am married to the best man alive..sorry ladies 🙂

Happy 14th Anniversary Hunny Bunches of O’s!


Have a “Lovie Dovie” Day!


Today is my 1st year blogging anniversary.  I have really enjoyed meeting so many wonderful people and getting a chance to just to get some of this stuff out of my head. 🙂

I would like to share 5 goals for this next year:

  • Get a customized page/website.
  • See if I need to focus on the direction of the blog a little more.?.?.?
  • Learn more about the technical side of blogging
  • Discover ways to advertise on my blog
  • Finally, have as much fun as I am but keep a budget of time on it

So, if you have any words of wisdom in any of these areas, I would appreciate your comment as a blogiversary present.  Now, you wouldn’t withhold a present on my anniversary would you?  🙂

Two more things I have to add:

– Happy Fall, for those fortunate enough to actually have a fall.  Last night, during the weather, the weather person said, and I quote, “We are continuing to cool off.  The change of season is upon us.  Today the high for Phoenix was 101.  Currently it’s 93 degrees (at 9:55 pm).”  Also in the forecast was temps 102 and 103..yippee!!!  And to top it off they had the little fall leaves on today for the 7 day forecast.  I think I will get my jacket out.  It is feeling a bit nippy outside.

– As some of you are aware we are doing some work on our house.  In the process, we have a rocking chair that I am waiting to put elsewhere.  So it’s just kind of hanging around, in a very ackward place, in our family room.  My oldest has been enjoying it there so I asked him if he realized it is not going to be there for long.    In his interior design mode he said “WHAT?”  Given the fact that I think it’s very obvious it doesn’t belong I thought everyone was on the same page.  Guess not.

Have a “Helpful” Day!

Debbie aka The Real World Martha(S)

I found this list at Blisfully Domestic:  and thought they were great tips.  Here they are and don’t forgot to check out that blog!

Five 10 Second Makeup Tricks

September 11th, 2008 by Finn

Just because you’ve been wearing makeup for ages doesn’t mean there isn’t something new for you to learn. Something that can freshen up your everyday look or give you an entirely new one.

Here are five simple (really) tricks you can try; they’ve worked for me, they just might work for you.

1. Set your lash “curl”
Before you put curler to lash, prep with a coat of mascara. It will act as a setting lotion and help hold the curl. Follow with a second coat after curling.

2. Whiten (and brighten) your eyes

A quick and easy way to brighten your eyes is to line the inner bottom of the lid with a white kohl pencil. Surprisingly, it does last.

3. Tame your eyebrows with.. lipstick?
Yes, there are eyebrow gels out there, but if you don’t feel like adding another item to your beauty shopping list, try something you probably already have: lip balm. Make sure it’s a waxy type like Burt’s Bees. Doubt me? Have you ever heard of mustache wax? Just dab a tiny bit on brows and then use your brow brush to comb them in place. An alternative is to use your hair spray-just spray it on a cotton swab or your finger (not in your face!) and apply to the brow.

4. Open up your eyelids
A quick trick for making your eyes look bigger: Use your pinky finger to tap a dot of a light-colored shimmer powder or highlighter on the center of your lid. Be sure to blend it well by tapping it in until it’s barely noticeable.

5. Make your own lip stain
If, like me, you like to play with some color on your lips but don’t really like a very bright mouth, try this: Apply your lipstick, then blot. Then do it again two more times. You’ll end up with a nice lip stain that actually lasts. Add a little lip conditioner or balm on top to keep lips moist because the blotting soaks up the emollients in the lipstick.

This also works with lip gloss, taking off some of the shine so you can wear your favorite shade right into fall.

An extra 10 seconds is all you need to give your face an extra boost!

Aren’t those great tips?

Have a “Gorgeous” Day!

Between the switch to both boys being homeschooled (and the new system for it) along with the challenges of raising a special needs child, I am feeling very inadequate lately.

I have read blogs that seem like they have it all together.  The encounter a tough situation and get a prayerful handle on it and realize the good in it. 

I have read about people who are so easy going with homeschooling.  I get told how easy it is.

It has really gotten my down.  I feel like a failure.  That’s when I realize that God knows that and that’s why he sent His son for me.  I will keep failing (but hope it’s less often at some point) and He will keep picking me up.  See I am no surprise.  He knows where I am at and it might not be at the same point as everyone else.  He is patient with me just like a good parent is.

I still am down sometimes, but I am glad that God revealed that He will meet me at where I am at and carry me through.

Have a “Carried” Day!

We had a great time at Disneyland.  We did get back at 2am on Sunday night and 2 with colds but while we were there we had an excellent time.  Here are some pics:


 All Aboard..


Ready, Aim, Fire!


Just monkeying around.


End of day 1.  “I am so tired, says the little one.”


“Me too”, from our oldest!



Why is it that the first thing we do is to try and blow something up?  🙂


“Crazy driver..look OUT!!”

“Howdy Cowboy.  Wait a minute…”there’s a snake in my boot.”


There’s my Prince Charming.  I couldn’t resist.  Is he handsome or what?

There was an intergalatic emergency they had to take care of.

“Wait the lense cap is stuck.”

Day 3

Goofy’s kitchen for breakfast.  Now I hope the inspector checks the food cause if Goofy’s cookin who knows what’s in the food.

Can you tell by my little ones face that we had to be there at 7am?

I really got “hooked” by this guy.

“Mind if we drop on in?”

But really, the trip was just “Incredible”.

We were is “Stitch’s” most of the time.

And I was just plain “Goofy”!

Have a “Happiest Day on Earth”

This weekend we will be off to Disneyland.  Since we just got back from a trip you must be thinking..what? 

Well it’s my mother-in-law’s birthday and they have paid for us to come over and share the weekend with her.  Isn’t that such a tremendous blessing?  We are super excited!!!


I am really having a hard time living in the city.  Have you ever lived somewhere that you really connected to?  I did.  It was Oregon.  I miss it terribly. 

Last night I was looking at a country type magazine, that I got at Goodwill, and hubby was watching some datelineish special on the super rich and all their privilege.  I am not jealous of that.  I really am not.  I like to buy things (esp clothes) but I don’t like a lot of fancy things.  I was busy tearing out the chicken coop that I want. 

Now coveting doesn’t matter if you want expensive or not.  It just matters that you want something that you don’t have.  I don’t have the lifestyle that I want, and I am struggling.  I want my craftsman style home in a small town with my little retail shop and throw in a nice church and I am one step from heaven.  Did I mention some chickens? 

Well Arizona is not my cup of tea, so those who feel like saying a little prayer, I would appreciate it.  I have struggled with this the whole time I have live here and it hasn’t gotten any better.


The kids and I are still muttering our way through homeschooling.  Some days are better than others.  We are plugging away.  It’s tough to switch gears from teacher to Mom and to get anything done around the house.  🙂


I just have to say that for those of you that have stuck with me through this blogging adventure, I am so greatful.  It’s so nice to have the comments from you all.  I really enjoy the friendship, even though we can’t all get together for lunch.  But I am open if you are. 🙂

Have a “Blessed” Day!

Debbie aka The Real World Martha(S)

For the last few months we have been under construction at our house.  We have needed to do a lot of repairs to our home since we bought it, 7 years ago, but have been unable to do so.  We have done minor repairs but we needed to put a new roof in, new patio roof (as it was unsafe), paint the outside, new swamp cooler, etc.  We also put in some new flooring as the carpet is the original (as far as we know) and the house was built in the early 80’s.  So here are some pics of our labor.  There is more to come as we continue to finish this up.

Have a “Constructed” Day!

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