I hate to air my dirty laundry but, I need to share this.

Dear Fall,

I have felt that I have loved you for such a long time.  My heart is anxious when I think of you.  Your beautiful colors, crispness in the air, sweatshirts, apple picking, cool nights, our time by the fireplace, and  the cozy blankets. 

I thought when I moved we would still be together at times.  I thought you would come and visit, but you rarely do.  I always have to come and travel to be with you it seems. 

I am not sure you care about me the way I care about you.  And now I am hearing others speak of you like you are coming to see them soon and not me.  Even in magazines I am hearing about your escapades.  Please don’t tell me they are just friends.  You can’t say that when you visit them and don’t come and see me.  How can I be happy knowing that you will see me far less than anyone else?

I still love you, but I don’t know how much a person can take.  I miss your beautiful face.  I don’t want to appear desperate, but I have been with summer so long and he drains me.  I need you to come and visit soon. 


Missing Fall in Arizona

Have a “Cool” Day