I have never enjoyed running..can you tell by my title?  Growing up I went to a very small school (8 kids in my class K-8 – one teacher).  The sports were very limited.  I was the bottom of five children and the youngest with four older brothers.  The youngest brother was 7 years older than I.  They were much older so I didn’t play a lot with them.

We didn’t have a lot of extra cash so no sports programs on the side.  I was never really encouraged to do any sports.  But I did love to hula hoop and could do that for hours!

In high school I was behind, for sure, in the sports department but still at a small private school until we moved.  We moved from Chicago to California.  I went from a very small one and 1/2 floor school to a very large public high school.  They even had modular class rooms…what are those?  I was a fish out of water and PE was horrible!  I was the kid no one wanted on their team!!! 

Eventually I did some weight training, dance,  and aerobics and found some things I could do..not perfectly but enough to feel ok.  And guess what?  Running was not in the pack.  I never did well at it and never like it.

Recently I went to a indoor track at a local community center.  I went to walk as that’s what I like to do.  Then out of nowhere I had thoughts about running.  “What????  I can’t do that.” I tell myself.  Then I thought “Maybe a jog.  That will be good just start with a jog once around the track.”  I start.  Hey not too bad.  I get around once and think I will look stupid for just going around once so let’s try another.  Go around twice.  Stop for a water break.  Walk a little and try some more.   And guess what?  After an hour of walking I had jogged, off and on, 5 times around!  For me, that’s good!

There were things that jiggled that I didn’t know jiggled, but I did it!!!  Now for all you runners out there, the ones who never wanted me on their teams, please don’t look down on me.  That’s all I got for now.  But you never know, maybe one day I’ll be on your team 🙂  Or even pass you.  But then again, maybe not.

Have a “Fast” Day!