This weekend we will be off to Disneyland.  Since we just got back from a trip you must be thinking..what? 

Well it’s my mother-in-law’s birthday and they have paid for us to come over and share the weekend with her.  Isn’t that such a tremendous blessing?  We are super excited!!!


I am really having a hard time living in the city.  Have you ever lived somewhere that you really connected to?  I did.  It was Oregon.  I miss it terribly. 

Last night I was looking at a country type magazine, that I got at Goodwill, and hubby was watching some datelineish special on the super rich and all their privilege.  I am not jealous of that.  I really am not.  I like to buy things (esp clothes) but I don’t like a lot of fancy things.  I was busy tearing out the chicken coop that I want. 

Now coveting doesn’t matter if you want expensive or not.  It just matters that you want something that you don’t have.  I don’t have the lifestyle that I want, and I am struggling.  I want my craftsman style home in a small town with my little retail shop and throw in a nice church and I am one step from heaven.  Did I mention some chickens? 

Well Arizona is not my cup of tea, so those who feel like saying a little prayer, I would appreciate it.  I have struggled with this the whole time I have live here and it hasn’t gotten any better.


The kids and I are still muttering our way through homeschooling.  Some days are better than others.  We are plugging away.  It’s tough to switch gears from teacher to Mom and to get anything done around the house.  🙂


I just have to say that for those of you that have stuck with me through this blogging adventure, I am so greatful.  It’s so nice to have the comments from you all.  I really enjoy the friendship, even though we can’t all get together for lunch.  But I am open if you are. 🙂

Have a “Blessed” Day!

Debbie aka The Real World Martha(S)