We had a great time at Disneyland.  We did get back at 2am on Sunday night and 2 with colds but while we were there we had an excellent time.  Here are some pics:


 All Aboard..


Ready, Aim, Fire!


Just monkeying around.


End of day 1.  “I am so tired, says the little one.”


“Me too”, from our oldest!



Why is it that the first thing we do is to try and blow something up?  🙂


“Crazy driver..look OUT!!”

“Howdy Cowboy.  Wait a minute…”there’s a snake in my boot.”


There’s my Prince Charming.  I couldn’t resist.  Is he handsome or what?

There was an intergalatic emergency they had to take care of.

“Wait the lense cap is stuck.”

Day 3

Goofy’s kitchen for breakfast.  Now I hope the inspector checks the food cause if Goofy’s cookin who knows what’s in the food.

Can you tell by my little ones face that we had to be there at 7am?

I really got “hooked” by this guy.

“Mind if we drop on in?”

But really, the trip was just “Incredible”.

We were is “Stitch’s” most of the time.

And I was just plain “Goofy”!

Have a “Happiest Day on Earth”