Between the switch to both boys being homeschooled (and the new system for it) along with the challenges of raising a special needs child, I am feeling very inadequate lately.

I have read blogs that seem like they have it all together.  The encounter a tough situation and get a prayerful handle on it and realize the good in it. 

I have read about people who are so easy going with homeschooling.  I get told how easy it is.

It has really gotten my down.  I feel like a failure.  That’s when I realize that God knows that and that’s why he sent His son for me.  I will keep failing (but hope it’s less often at some point) and He will keep picking me up.  See I am no surprise.  He knows where I am at and it might not be at the same point as everyone else.  He is patient with me just like a good parent is.

I still am down sometimes, but I am glad that God revealed that He will meet me at where I am at and carry me through.

Have a “Carried” Day!