I found this list at Blisfully Domestic: http://blissfullydomestic.com/blissful-style/five-10-second-makeup-tricks/  and thought they were great tips.  Here they are and don’t forgot to check out that blog!

Five 10 Second Makeup Tricks

September 11th, 2008 by Finn

Just because you’ve been wearing makeup for ages doesn’t mean there isn’t something new for you to learn. Something that can freshen up your everyday look or give you an entirely new one.

Here are five simple (really) tricks you can try; they’ve worked for me, they just might work for you.

1. Set your lash “curl”
Before you put curler to lash, prep with a coat of mascara. It will act as a setting lotion and help hold the curl. Follow with a second coat after curling.

2. Whiten (and brighten) your eyes

A quick and easy way to brighten your eyes is to line the inner bottom of the lid with a white kohl pencil. Surprisingly, it does last.

3. Tame your eyebrows with.. lipstick?
Yes, there are eyebrow gels out there, but if you don’t feel like adding another item to your beauty shopping list, try something you probably already have: lip balm. Make sure it’s a waxy type like Burt’s Bees. Doubt me? Have you ever heard of mustache wax? Just dab a tiny bit on brows and then use your brow brush to comb them in place. An alternative is to use your hair spray-just spray it on a cotton swab or your finger (not in your face!) and apply to the brow.

4. Open up your eyelids
A quick trick for making your eyes look bigger: Use your pinky finger to tap a dot of a light-colored shimmer powder or highlighter on the center of your lid. Be sure to blend it well by tapping it in until it’s barely noticeable.

5. Make your own lip stain
If, like me, you like to play with some color on your lips but don’t really like a very bright mouth, try this: Apply your lipstick, then blot. Then do it again two more times. You’ll end up with a nice lip stain that actually lasts. Add a little lip conditioner or balm on top to keep lips moist because the blotting soaks up the emollients in the lipstick.

This also works with lip gloss, taking off some of the shine so you can wear your favorite shade right into fall.

An extra 10 seconds is all you need to give your face an extra boost!

Aren’t those great tips?

Have a “Gorgeous” Day!