I thought I was back, and then I was gone again.  I am sure many can relate to balancing this blog thing.  I have been wanting to do a post about a contest I won on The Simple Wife blog and haven’t gotten to it yet.  I hope this week.

Quick update:

-Back from 3 day weekend camp trip to Mexico.  Everything is a little crazy after that of course.

– Field trip today to Ice Skating Rink.

– Really trying to focus hard on homeschooling so we are all a little more happy!

-Trying to decide which direction to take some of my side interests Pampered Chef, Blog, Business Ideas that I have, EBAY, Book Ideas, ETC!!!!  Too many interests!!!

Well that’s about it for now.  But I do have one final question:  Why is it that my stats (blog stats that is) is just as high or higher when I am not writing?  Are you all trying to tell me something?  Checking to see if I have thrown in the towel?  🙂

I need some sleep now!!

Have a “Go To Bed” Day/Night