Do you get nervous when you here the saying “Don’t sweat the small stuff”? Does it make you worry about your worrying?  🙂

I am working on a project for Christmas and it has required remembering many fine details.  I realized that while worrying and “sweating the small stuff” can be “bad” for you, I have realized an upside to this personality trait- attention to small details.  While I do worry about things that I have no control over, I also can be on top of little things that others may leave behind like someones favorite cookie or what happened on the playground when they were 12 that made them really sad even to this day. 

This attention to details enables me to have a high sensitivity to others (most times). I can usually tell when people are struggling or feeling down.   On top of details like paying bills. 🙂  And I also believe it enables me to care for others as I am thinking “worrying” about the poor, children who have no home, animals that are in shelters, safety of our neighborhood, the education of my children, etc.

While I am not God, I am his hands and feet, and I believe God has made me to think about lots of things.  Is it good to let this go too far?  Of course not. We are told not to worry in the Bible. But I do believe that God equips each person gifts, and I may never be that carefree nothing ever bothers me kind of person.   I may just be someone who God can use to care about lots of details, but I have to ask for His guidance to keep the reigns on it.

So if you are one that “sweats the small stuff” don’t forget to keep your priorities straight AND realize God has made you unique and you may just be called to use those gifts.

Have a “Detail-Oriented” Day!

Debbie 🙂