If you want to participate in my month long contest, it’s easy, here’s how:


Do you wanna participate in my month long contest (with weekly drawings)?  Of course you do.  Here are the rules:

1) Answer the weekly question in my comments below.  One entry is all I need.  You DO NOT need to comment everyday to be eligible…just once. 

2) POST about my contest on your blog.  I will need the direct link on my blog showing the post on your site. 

3) That’s it!!!!  Just wait to see if you are a winner of a week’s bounty of prizes.  Isn’t the EASY????

Let’s meet BrainScan Coffee (these names are so great from these ETSY shop owners).

Here’s her BIO:

I’m Alex Wrekk. I’m a 31 year old kid who is into all things DIY from making zines, roasting coffee & refinishing wood floors, to brewing beer and making treasures out of trash. I call myself DIY by Default because it feels like creating things and figuring out how to make things myself comes naturally to me. I’d like to thank my mother for instilling those values in me.

I have been making custom buttons since 2000. I used to work for Microcosm Publishing and through them I had the opportunity to make buttons for such people as The Bangles, The Dandy Warhols, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and more. I now run my own little button business called Small World Buttons (http://www.smallworldbuttons.com) where I make custom buttons as well as my own catalog designs, making custom buttons on Etsy is basically a small extension of that.

I started roasting my own coffee in 2005. I started roasting for myself and giving some to friends… the friends started to offer to buy my coffee… then strangers offered to buy my coffee and it has grown from there. I roast the coffee the way that I like it and I hope you do to. I support Organic and Fair Trade coffee farms and I enjoy light roasts that really show the bean origin in flavor.

I make lots of other stuff too but most of it I don’t try to sell to folks like my beer or my food that everyone seems to like. I also make envelopes, hand bound books and notebooks, patches, stickers, and tea. My currents household project is working on planning my hummingbird garden for this spring and trying to tame my jungle of a yard!

I have very strong ethics regarding our planet and try to reuse materials or use recylced materials when possible. As for pricing items, I try to keep my affordable so that a person like myself would be able to purchase my items and hoefully love them as I have, “Priced for peers” is what I like to call it.

So up for grabs in the package for this week we will add some coffee to wake you up. And be sure to check out her ETSY store: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=33977&section_id=5164527 and also here: www.MerriBee.etsy.com

Brainscan Coffee 3 pack of 8 OZ bags YOU PICKTHE COMBO

Question for Week 2 – Tell me about a random act of kindness in the last year that you have done or someone has done for you?  Please share about it in the comments and don’t forget to link the contest on your blog.

Have a “Brainy” Day!