I am curious, did you make one?  Do you usually keep yours?

After much consideration I have made mine and believe I will stick with it.  My love affair is over.  I am not enjoying this relationship anymore and it’s time to cut the strings!  I don’t think the love is mutual and so I am not going to enable this any longer.  What is it you ask?  WalMart.  It’s not the place I shopped at 10 years ago.

I have been falling out of love with WalMart for sometime but have realized this is the year to go cold turkey.  Given our economic situation I just felt this is not a company I would like to support any longer.  Here are a few more reasons:

– I don’t think they treat their employees well and their pay is so low they have been reported as handing out Government Assistance Applications to their employees. 

– China factory.  Now I know that everything is made in China but didn’t they use to believe in Made in the USA.

– As a future small business owner, I can’t, in good conscience, support them.  When they come in to town they destroy a small town business’ who could never compete with the tax breaks and volume discounts that a WalMart receives.  And I love those business’s.  That’s where the character is at for me.

– Quality

– I think you actually spend more on things that, usually, don’t last.  It also creates a now and throw away mentality instead of saving for something that is going to last.  “It’s only $2.98”

Well how’s that for a soap box?  I know many disagree with this however this is what I know I need to do, and I love supporting the little guy.  I think our economy depends on it.  Just think, are we ready to bail out WalMart when they have trouble because we have become so dependent upon them?

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