Awhile back I added a Facebook account to branch out for my traffic on my blog.  I didn’t do much until I received a couple of friend requests and thought I better use this.  I started adding more friends and exploring all the options and low and behold they show you all the people from high school and college that are on there.

I don’t have anyone that I really stay in touch with anymore from high school.  One that I use to but we have kind of lot touch in the craziness of life.   As I went through the list of those that are on Facebook, I really didn’t remember all of them, but a few I did.  And some not in a good way.

The funny thing about it was most of them look like we could be friends today.  Why not then?  Well I guess we all grew up.  It was really a nice realization to think about these people  with families and regular lives and not like the status ranking that came, especially in high school.  It kind of made a new impression on me, of the,, then the one left in high school.

So if you don’t have a facebook account, get one.  Then look up your old classmates.  Maybe you will have a nice reunion or at least, like me, a different viewpoint.

Have a “New View” Day!