Every Christmas we watch Jingle all the Way.  The movie starred Arnold Schwarzenegger.  In case you don’t have the tradition of watching this every year I will let you know that he is on a hunt for a toy that is all sold out.  While he is out trying to fight his way through the sea of others who are hunting for the same toy, his neighbor is making the moves on his wife.  in the movie, Arnold’s Character, Howard, (Yes, I know the name!!!) calls his wife and the neighbor answers.  Howard is upset that his neighbor is answering the phone and then, to all horrors, he is eating the cookies that Arnold’s wife had made.  He yells “Put My Cookies Down!!!” to  his neighbor on the phone.

When I went to write this post all I could think of was that movie line.  We love that movie.  It didn’t win any awards, but neither do most of the movies we watch, but that’s another post all together.

But I didn’t want to share our interesting traditions.  What I did want to share with you is that it’s Girl Scout Cookie Time.  No, I don’t have a child selling.  But I recently read that you can “Put Those Cookies Down” and still support the Girl Scouts.  If you want to support two good causes in one, buy the cookies and tell the scout or scout leader to donate them.  It is my understanding that they will donate to a women’s organization or shelter.  How’s that for a double duty?

If you are a Girl Scout Leader and have some info on this, please feel free to leave more info.  Otherwise, contact your little scout that is going to ring your doorbell any minute.

Have a “Non-Fattening” Day!