I recently joined a Bible Study at a church that has a homeschooling group.  I figured a little time for them to be around other kids and me to be in a study.  Sounds good!!  Little did I know just how good.

The study I am in is about parenting teens.  My oldest is a pre-teen and I figure I need all the help I can get.  The teacher is Susan Cottrell and her book is ‘The Heart Connected Life.For Parents’.  I can’t even tell you how much I am enjoying this book, but I’ll try.  But first, here is a little bit about her:

I love to write, speak, sing, connect intimately with friends, and I love being with my husband and children. 

Nothing on this little round planet compares with living life on the edge by trusting Him every minute.

My favorite thing is to show people who God is, how much He loves them, and that He can do what He says he can do.


I haven’t finished the book but it’s amazing so far.  I know it was self-published, so I am really not sure how easy it is to get but I will put up her info as this book is a wonderful resource!  (I just checked the website, given below, and it’s available on there to order.)

Although it is written for parents with teens in mind, it is good for anyone that wants to connect with God on a heart level instead of a rule level.  You “must” read the tree of knowledge of good/evil.  Then you will see why the “must” is in quotes.   But if you aren’t a parent you will have to understand that this really is about anyone we are in close relationship with.  You can’t change them you have to work on yourself and that starts with a heart for God.

Basically, the book is discussing ways that we need to search our own heart for God’s will for our lives and not the “Christian” List.  And then applied that freedom living to parenting.  It seems so simple but the book really hits home on so many levels.

The sections in the book covers The Heart of Parenting, Whose Journey Is It?, What’s a Parent To Do, and Staying Heart Connected.  In those sections it deals with control, respecting child’s own journey (or others), respect, shame, dating, power of God over law, etc!

A quote, from the book, that echoed in my head today was:

“I have seen my reflection in my children so many times, that now if something is going on in the family, some dynamic, the first thing I look in is the mirror.”

I hope you will find this book.  It is really a great read, but make sure God is wanting it for you first 🙂


Have a “Heart Connected” Day