Today I am to set aside time for an unexpected call during business.  Ok, I am revamping this to having an extra one on one conversation with both kids today.

Yesterdays little gifts went well for my oldest.  My youngest may do cartwheels on the inside but never seems impressed with my gifts (or anything  I do).  He always seems so thankful to others but what we do seems unimportant.  It does hurt after awhile.  As an example, we were pulling weeds yesterday and I told him I would pay him.  I thought $5 would be impressive for a 7 year old.  He thought he would get $100 and seemed disappointed.  I think wow we never pay for chores I would be thrilled to have an extra $5.  Oh well.

We have company today so I will really need to find time to pull the kids without it taking away from company.

Thanks for staying with me in this journey.

Have a “Listening” Day!