I just have to update on our event yesterday. We went to clean out one on the classrooms at our church. Well after finding many old food and other items I went to pick up a piece of pipe cleaner. Guess what? It moved!!!!!!!!! It was a centipede!!!!!! I screamed my head off! I can still feel it grabbing onto my finger. YUCK!!! I am not sure I will recover!!!

Today we went to the local Senior Center to help with their Christmas Party. Everyone was really nice. We didn’t do as much as I hoped as most people were listening to the music and not as much talking with them, but it was a good event. And they wanted to give my kids money. So all the money that they got will go to other events this week.

Have a “Un-Creepy” Day! (Did I mention EWWWWWW!)


This is your last week to participate in my month long contest – “Tis Better To Give Than to Receive”

Today we will start with a CD from Chris Sligh.  He was one of the wonderful American Idol contestants.  Do you remember him, curly hair?  He is out with a awesome CD and was so wonderful to contribute one to the contest.  I have heard it and it’s terrific!  You will love it!

Here is some more info about where he is at and what’s happening for him:


NASHVILLE, TN, July 24, 2008….. As his debut CD,”Running Back to You” garners its first top 10 single with “Empty Me,” (#9 R&R AC Monitor – #5 Most Increased song), AMERICAN IDOL finalist Chris Sligh is readying himself to hit the road to support both, as well as his next single, “Arise.” In addition, he will perform live on The 700 Club on Tuesday, July 29th.

Sligh’s first stop before launching his headlining Back to School Tour, will be “Idol Camp” in Southern California. Idol Camp was created for kids who want to be singer/songwriters, and enslists former “Idols” each summer to participate in teaching music classes, host open mic sessions, showcases, as well as extra curricular activities including arts and crafts, motor sports, paintball, soccer, archery, swimming and more.

With a desire to work directly with his friends at Christian radio, Sligh took it upon himself to reach out to stations across the country to partner with him on his Back to School Tour. Hitting about 30 cities, sponsor stations will share in the expense and any spoils directly with Sligh, something rarely done in the music industry on a regular basis. The tour will kick off on August 15th in Austin, TX and hit markets including Atlanta, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, Washington D.C. and more. For a full tour listing please see below, and for regular updates go to

“From ‘Empty Me’ to ‘Arise,’ we can’t wait to see Chris’ amazing music come to life on stage! WCQR is very thankful to play a part of such an incredible ministry.”  commented Chalmer Harper, PD at WCQR in Johnson City, TN, who is bringing Sligh in on the Back to School tour.

As Sligh’s debut CD,”Running Back to You” became one of the best-selling Christian album on iTunes ®, the project that has wowed critics from USA Today to also had the highest debut on Christian SoundScan in it’s first week as well. Named as one of Entertainment Weekly’s “Best Idol Auditions Ever,” (,,20007164_20008532_20174767,00.html), Sligh auditioned for American Idol more or less on a whim. To his surprise, his performance swept him onto a fast track to the final rounds. His willingness to take chances, his ironic wit, and his startlingly powerful vocals embedded him into the popular imagination, while his distinctive blend of talent, humor, confidence, and unpredictability led to an exchange with Simon Cowell that delighted the other judges, host Ryan Seacrest, and much of America.

An official American Idol commentator for Entertainment Weekly online during this past season, Sligh operated on a three week rotating schedule with two other commentators (Jon Peter Lewis and Nadia Turner), and wrote funny and informative commentaries through the lens of his experiences on American Idol.

For more information on Sligh go to

About Brash Music
Brash Music is an eclectic independent record label based in Atlanta, Georgia, founded on the belief that the opportunity in the music business lies between a vast, eager talent pool and a need for fresh perspective. We address that need by operating from a set of core values that emphasize our commitment to integrity, transparency with our artists, innovation, efficiency and financial prudence. Our mission is to passionately deliver quality music in a way that is profitable for all involved. For more information about Brash Music, visit or contact Steve Jones at (678)-904-4790/

CHRIS SLIGH TOUR ITINERARY (all dates subject to change)

Fri-Aug 15, 2008 Kyle TX Hays ISD Performing Arts Center
Sat-Aug 16, 2008 Moore OK First Baptist Church – Moore
Sun-Aug 17, 2008 Ponca City OK First Baptist Church – Ponca City
Thu-Aug 21, 2008 Bowling Green KY Back to School Tour/ Living Hope Baptist Church

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1) Answer the question below in my comments. One entry is all I need. You DO NOT need to comment everyday to be eligible…just once.

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3) That’s it!!!! Just wait to see if you are a winner of a week’s bounty of prizes. Isn’t the EASY????

Question for Week 4 – What ThanksGIVING traditions do you have? Does your family do something special that gives to others for this Holiday?

Have a “Running Back To You” Day!

Last night I got a rare moment to sit and watch TV.  It has been so crazy getting ready for vacation, swimming lessons, and VBS at church this week so I enjoyed a little R & R.

We don’t have cable TV so our selections are a little limited at times (which can be a good thing most times).  I was alone, since the kids were in bed and hubby was still at work, so I had the remote all to myself.  I tried a couple of show but finally ended up with a special on PBS.

The show was Traces of the Trade.  Have you heard about it or watched it?  If not, I would HIGHLY recommend it!

It is a documentary about a family who’s ancestors happened to be the largest slave trading family in U.S. History.  They traveled to parts of the world that their family had dealings with (including the North) and learned about this horrible part of our country’s history and their own inherited history.

Here is a better info from PBS directly:

I think it was a terrific film in that it was real emotions and facts.  It educated as well as challenged without condemning.  I loved some of the spiritual parts as well. 

I also need to mention that I recently saw the movie Amazing Grace which I would also recommend!!!  That was about the political fight, regarding slave trade, here at home.  Our 11 1/2 year old saw it and it was really interesting to him although he had questions which provided opportunity to talk about it.  (The song Amazing Grace was written by a former slave trader-on a boat that turned Pastor -Monk-and wrote the song based on that experience.)

After the show, and movie, I got to thinking about what it is that we (I) can do in the present regarding what has happened in the past.  Can you just say “I’m sorry”?  Do you not talk about it and hope it goes away?  Pretend the past has no affect on the future?  Learn about your families past in slave trade?

Everyone would have to discover that for themselves but the fact is we (personally and globally) may need to start by recognizing the benefits we may have derived, and still continue to derive, from it.  Our country is not balanced and would we be smart to just leave it that way?  And do we have an understanding of what the slave trade was and it’s imprint in the present and future?

The past is always a rebuke to the present.
Robert Penn Warren

History teaches everything including the future.

Whoever wishes to foresee the future must consult the past; for human events ever resemble those of preceding times. This arises from the fact that they are produced by men who ever have been, and ever shall be, animated by the same passions, and thus they necessarily have the same results.

For me I want to know more.  I want to discover in-balances.  I would like to find out more about my families history.  I would like to give or help, organizations that equal the playing field.  I want to check my own behaviors and actions in the present.  But for now I will start with a public apology. 

I am sure I have benefited from our country’s slave trade in some way.  I know I don’t even understand what it was like and the bearings it has on all those that came from it.  I feel so mad at those that came in the name of God but do not know if I would have done differently if it was me in that time.  Would I have just turned and looked the other way?   I want to know more about the events to better understand what happened and how it relates to today because I don’t think I ever thought it mattered-it was the past.  I would like to be a part of healing  so that our corrected past blesses our future together.  Even if I didn’t benefit (although doubtful) don’t I at least have human compassion for those that suffered?  I’m sorry for the decisions in the past that have not been corrected. 

Have an “I’m Sorry” Day!

No, you are not getting rid of me that easily.  I just have five more posts until my A-Z tips are done and my contest is over.  If you are new to my blog I am having a series of posts that are tips from A-Z.  If you link any of these tips on your blog, and let me know, I will enter you in my contest.  Check it out:

Today’s tip is V for Volunteer

I just got an email from my brother talking about how my niece (and happens to be named Virginia -coincidence I don’t think so!), who is 17, is taking her first mission trip to Mexico.  I am so proud of her.  I think she will be going to another country so full of amazing culture but will also learn about the extreme poverty that exists in other parts of the world.  She is already a beautiful child of God, and I think this experience will just bring her closer to God.

So today my tip is talk with your family, and pray, about a possible mission trip.  If your children are too young to go abroad, find something locally.  You can try your local church for ideas.  Here is some websites as well:

Action Without Borders

Habitat for Humanity

Food for the Hungry (offers mission trips)

Weekend Missions

Have a “Helping” Day!

I did some reading while I was sick.  I got this book, Walking with God with Toilet Paper Stuck to My Shoe, at our church when the author, Melissa Jansen, came to speak.  This is “A humorous devotional about an intimate relationship with God”.  

                                                   Walking with God with Toilet Paper Stuck to My Shoe

It is a fun little devotion book.  I enjoyed the real life stories that were given.  One of the things I enjoyed most about this book is the point that sometimes “Christian” things and people make it appear so perfect that we may not relate and get discouraged.  This is a real mom with a real life that even has….gas!  Yes, you heard me right.  If you haven’t read the book then you will need to get it so that you can read the story 🙂

After each session there are questions to answer to go deeper. This would be a good book to do by yourself or with some friends (who aren’t perfect..or think they are).  If you want to do it in a group setting, the chapters are so that you could read them ahead or at the study and then discuss.

If you have read this book, let me know what you think.  If you haven’t tell us about a book that you are reading.  You will get extra credit if the book you are telling us about is a “little guy” author instead of one of the “big guys”. 

Have a “Reading” Day!

I found this terrific post here:

I feel that all our resources are God given and that we are to take care of them…not over Him, but for Him.  I also believe that a lot of the chemicals that we use are not only bad for us but cost money that I prefer to save and do something else with.

Hope you find something that your church can do:

Many of the things that are talked about in connection with greening your home can also apply to greening your church — recycling, using green cleaners, practicing green lawn care, eliminating disposable products when possible and making sure the building is energy efficient. Of course, churches are composed of groups of people who may not all agree on every issue, but the first step in greening a church is calling attention to the matter.

church.jpgResources for greening your church:

•Get LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified. Your church can decide how green it wants to become and pursue the chosen level of certification. A great way to start is to get involved with your local chapter of the US Green Building Council, a nonprofit organization dedicated to greening all of our existing buildings and new construction through LEED certification. Several churches have already gained LEED certification.

•Green your Palm Sunday with Eco-Palms. Here’s a New York Times article about them.

•Visit Massachusetts Interfaith Power and Light for some great resources. Some of their suggestions include taking stock of how much energy the church is using, looking at how space is being used and when it is used, and surveying equipment. They offer forms you can download to help with this process.

Know your options for clean energy. Visit the US Department of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy as a first step. For more on clean energy, visit the Sierra Club’s articles.

•Visit EarthCareto download comprehensive resource guides about eco-management of churches.

•Be inspired by Boston’s historic Old North Church with its new LED lights. Here’s the CNN article.

If you’ve been involved with helping to green your church, please tell us about it.

Here is another story of Nuns who also believe in making the best choices when it comes to using our resources:

Here’s just a part of the story:

The Sisters wanted to leave a legacy to future generations with this project. One of the missions of their order is to respect the earth and promote environmental justice, so they hoped to create a community that would exemplify these ideals.

All shower and lavatory water is routed to a constructed wetland and reused for flushing toilets. Daylighting and a ground-source heating and cooling system contribute to an expected 20% reduction in energy use, compared to a conventional building. Materials were selected for their durability and environmental responsibility.

The Sisters saw this project as an opportunity to teach the public about environmental issues. Throughout the design process, the Sisters presented issues that the design team was studying to neighbors so they could learn about how to live with more respect for the environment. Even if suggested strategies had very long payback periods (longer than many of them would live), the Sisters often still chose to incorporate them to be able to teach about them. The constructed project dramatically showcases many of the sustainable strategies through exhibits and signage prepared by the Sisters.

Have a “green” day!

I found this quote here:  I thought it was wonderful!  I hope you enjoy it as well.

“I can only divide myself, my time and my effort. And in the dividing, in my own strength, it shrinks away to nothingness. The fruit shrivels before it is ripe. The harvest never comes. I am cold, frustrated, and bitter. But when I give it all to Him, it is multiplied. In His hands my efforts yield an abundance that defies logic.”

Have a “In HIS strength” Day!

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