This past weekend I had a party for friends to come and bring items they wanted to trade (no not children) for a swapping party.  It was a smaller turnout but I had a great time and got some great goodies.  Even though we were different sizes we all had different size clothing to trade.  Some people have lost or gained weight and need to get rid of things.  We also traded home decor, lotions/soaps (new), books/magazines, games/toys, etc!

I can’t tell you how much fun it was and plus I got about 15-30 items for FREE!  I love that!

So gather your friends over and start swapping!  Plus you have people to tell give you opinions on how things look.

Have a “Reuse” Day!


As we recently painted our house I am reminded, that although I like to do things well, I am hardly a Martha (S).  I am a Real World Martha and here’s why:

(Martha) Pick best paint                                         

(RWM) Pick paint you can afford

(Martha) Wash down all walls of bird poop and dirt.                              

 (RWM) Get the big chunks off and try to paint over the rest.

(Martha) Caulk all areas for a perfect finish.            

(RWM) “Ooops, ran out of caulk.  Will have to add more paint in those places.”

(Martha) Use Primer                                                

(RWM) “What’s Primer?”

(Martha) Have proper tools on hand.                                    

 (RWM)” Has anyone seen the small paintbrush I was using?”

(Martha) Replace all parts that are dented, worn, and have old paint that can’t be removed.    

 (RWM) Is anyone really going to notice?

Well those are just some of the difference I am sure.  I do know that I am happy and it looks pretty decent. 

P.S. – That’s not our house in the pic above.  It’s just a pic that would fit in that space 🙂 

Have a “Real World Martha” Day!



But I don’t think she’s very simple.  She is a respected blogger, an accomplished author, speaker, crafter, a wife, and a Mom.  And I am sure that’s just the tip of the iceburg.  I don’t remember how I found her blog but have loved going there for great info, mom journal entries, and biblical posts (and to look at her cute charm braclet..I LOVE charm braclets!).

Since today is my actual birthday I couldn’t be happier than to introduce her, if you don’t already know her.  You can find her blog below and a bio from her hubby.  Isn’t that great?  Proverbs 31!


Joanne’s Biography,
by her husband Toben Heim

When it comes to Joanne I am biased. After all, we have spent literally half of our lives together. Having met and dated in high school and married during our junior year of college, we have spent a lot of time together and I have known Joanne through a lot of different seasons and circumstances of life.

Some of those seasons include:

Joanne as a beautiful, smart, hard-working high school student who took a lot of AP classes and held down a part-time job at a Christian bookstore after school.

Joanne as a college student, working on two majors, helping to pay her tuition by working as a graphic designer.

Joanne as a publicist and copywriter for a publishing company, and later becoming an editor and author of a number of really good books (including her latest, Living Simply).

Joanne as a young mom, looking after two little ones and still making the time to keep a home that was always open to anyone needing a good friend and a good meal.

But this season is the best—Joanne is living out the fullness of her gifting. She is a Girl Scout leader, a Bible study leader, and a student of Scripture. She continues to develop as a writer and is an avid blogger. She is a crafty girl, spending hours in her “mad workshop” sewing and knitting and making all sorts of cool things. She is a great cook and gracious hostess.

But more than what she does, there is who she is: a great friend to her friends, a loving daughter to her parents, a doting aunt to her niece and nephew, a caring and thoughtful sister, a devoted and committed mother, and a loving and supportive wife. Of course if you already know Joanne, you know exactly what I’m talking about.


Reading, knitting, writing, decorating, collecting antique treasures, ballet

Now you want to get one of her books don’t you?  She is going to give away her book Living Simply and one of her small homemade Zippy’s.


and here is a picture of her small sippy purses:


Here’s how to win:

1) Answer the question below in my comments.  One entry is all I need.  You DO NOT need to comment everyday to be eligible…just once. 

2) POST about my contest on your blog (but not your answer to my question-I am looking for links to my contest for others to participate too).  I will need the direct link on my blog showing the post on your site. 

3) That’s it!!!!  Just wait to see if you are a winner of a week’s bounty of prizes.  Isn’t the EASY????

 Question for Week 3 – Since this is my Birthday week tell me something that you have done on someone else’s birthday that was really special.  Did you make a cake when you usually buy one?  Or what about making a scrapbook for 6 months?

Have a “Simple” Day!

Today’s feature is on Elly Nelly from ETSY.  A mother daughter team experienced in textile design.  They produce very beautiful wall decals that make anyone a beautiful decorator.

Cascade wall graphic

Their strategy: Pattern your life!

Beautiful and fun images created for you by designers who want to enable you to quickly & inexpensively transform any room into a happy and artistic space.

These designs are easily applied and look great on walls, windows, mirrors, fridges, tiles, ceilings, bathrooms, toilets. Any smooth clean surface is suitable!

No need to knock holes in walls, these artworks are self-adhesive yet removable (not reusable) when you are ready for a change and a new graphic!

With Their great choice of designs you will have no excuse, you can create without picking up a paintbrush.

You’re in control. That plain wall, that ordinary mirror can become a feature in next to no time! And once you’ve seen for yourself how clever you can be you’ll be back for more of our constantly evolving collection.

**THEY NOW OFFER GREAT DISCOUNTS on orders of 5 or more. Please contact them for further information**

NEW**VISIT: for more patterning ideas. They use tree friendly paper for printing. Made from 50% cotton fiber and 30% post consumer waste. Paper is also made using 100% wind energy. Keeping our leafy green friends happy :o)


Elly Nelly is all original work not found anywhere else.

If you are intersted in making a huge impact in your decorating then be sure to check them out:

And be sure to enter my contest today.  I will draw tonight for all this weeks prices.  One winner + a week full of prizes = One Happy Camper!

Here’s how:

1) Answer the question below in my comments.  One entry is all I need.  You DO NOT need to comment everyday to be eligible…just once. 

2) POST about my contest on your blog.  I will need the direct link on my blog showing the post on your site. 

3) That’s it!!!!  Just wait to see if you are a winner of a week’s bounty of prizes.  Isn’t the EASY????

Question for Week 2 – Tell me about a random act of kindness in the last year that you have done or someone has done for you?  Please share about it in the comments and don’t forget to link the contest on your

Have a “Designing” Day!

Today is my 1st year blogging anniversary.  I have really enjoyed meeting so many wonderful people and getting a chance to just to get some of this stuff out of my head. 🙂

I would like to share 5 goals for this next year:

  • Get a customized page/website.
  • See if I need to focus on the direction of the blog a little more.?.?.?
  • Learn more about the technical side of blogging
  • Discover ways to advertise on my blog
  • Finally, have as much fun as I am but keep a budget of time on it

So, if you have any words of wisdom in any of these areas, I would appreciate your comment as a blogiversary present.  Now, you wouldn’t withhold a present on my anniversary would you?  🙂

Two more things I have to add:

– Happy Fall, for those fortunate enough to actually have a fall.  Last night, during the weather, the weather person said, and I quote, “We are continuing to cool off.  The change of season is upon us.  Today the high for Phoenix was 101.  Currently it’s 93 degrees (at 9:55 pm).”  Also in the forecast was temps 102 and 103..yippee!!!  And to top it off they had the little fall leaves on today for the 7 day forecast.  I think I will get my jacket out.  It is feeling a bit nippy outside.

– As some of you are aware we are doing some work on our house.  In the process, we have a rocking chair that I am waiting to put elsewhere.  So it’s just kind of hanging around, in a very ackward place, in our family room.  My oldest has been enjoying it there so I asked him if he realized it is not going to be there for long.    In his interior design mode he said “WHAT?”  Given the fact that I think it’s very obvious it doesn’t belong I thought everyone was on the same page.  Guess not.

Have a “Helpful” Day!

Debbie aka The Real World Martha(S)

Of course you do, your a blogger or a blog reader.  So then you have to go here:

You just put in any words that you want and create a beautiful piece of word art for your home.  I plan on framing mine.

Try your families names, words that have special meaning, a Bible verse, or whatever comes to your head.  Just type it in.  You can then change the font, color, and directions of the words.

It’s neat so give it a try.  And remember this would make a great gift once framed (Christmas is just around the corner).


Have a “Mouth (or Picture) Full of Words” Day!

Since my name starts with D, I think it’s a very nice letter 🙂  Today’s D tip is on DECORATING.


Get back to nature in you home when decorating…

Take the items that around you and use them for decoration.  If you have pine cones use them as a display in a bowl on your table.  What about fruit.  A few pieces of the same fruit in a cylinder vase is beautiful.  Or you can use: cinnamon sticks, driftwood, seashells, herbs, rocks, wildflowers, ETC!!!!  It’s spring time.  Can you cut some flowers and bring them inside?

You can also make these choices when you want major changes in your home.  I remember hearing that darker flooring brings a feeling of being outdoors (like dirt).  Hey my kids must have known about that one for a long time 🙂  And painting the walls to resemble the outdoors brightens our moods.  Like light green (trees) or blue to match the sky.

Don’t forget about lighting, music, and aroma to get the feel of your home just right.  Use essential oils instead of store fragrances for a more natural scent in your home.  Or take leftover orange peels and some cloves and simmer them on a pot in the stove (with some water).

A few months ago I found a blog who was discussing how they couldn’t afford to go on vacation to the tropics all the time so they made their home look like paradise.  It was tropical all over.  They felt like they lived where they vacationed.  How cool is that?

So the next time you are making choices for decorating find a way to get back to nature in color, feeling, textures, etc!  Make your home a place where you can rest and be peaceful.  Why not since we spend so much time there right?

Have a “Decorated” Day!

 P.S. – Don’t forget about my contest.  What contest you ask?  Well since you asked and all…here goes.  If you ping/link back to any of the A-Z tips, on your blog, please let me know in the comments.  I will enter you in my first ever contest with a fantastic prize.  If you don’t have a blog then just leave a comment and let me know that you don’t have a blog.  I will announce the prize soon.  The prize will be drawn at the end of the A-Z tips.