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100 Things you can make yourself

by Deborah Ng on August 15th, 2007

Convenience is certainly…well…convenient. Take a trip to just about any type of store and notice how everything is packaged and prepared. It seems the more we advance, the more stuff is done for us. I don’t mind letting someone else do all the work for me, the problem is of course, that convenience is expensive and we’re getting really lazy. I started thinking about all the things we can make ourselves if we put forth a little effort and found lots of cool instructions online.

My fellow cheapskates, I give you:

100 Things You can Make Yourself


  1. Applesauce
  2. Spaghetti sauce
  3. Barbecue sauce
  4. Maple syrup
  5. Jelly
  6. Peanut butter
  7. Mayonnaise
  8. Bacon
  9. Guacamole
  10. Pesto
  11. Salsa
  12. Mango salsa
  13. Vanilla extract
  14. Hummus
  15. Coffee
  16. Tofu
  17. Gravy
  18. Chocolate kisses
  19. Wedding cake
  20. Stuffing
  21. Rootbeer
  22. Ginger Ale
  23. Pancake mix
  24. Pudding pops
  25. Ice cream
  26. Chicken Nuggets
  27. Pizza
  28. Pasta
  29. Pickles
  30. Wine
  31. Beer
  32. Whiskey
  33. Dog treats
  34. Playdough
  35. Fingerpaint
  36. Bubbles
  37. Books
  38. Laundry detergent
  39. All purpose household cleaner
  40. Soap
  41. Shampoo
  42. Hair conditioner
  43. Moisturizer
  44. Mouthwash
  45. Baskets
  46. Incense
  47. Paper
  48. Rubber stamps
  49. Jewelry
  50. Curtains
  51. Rugs
  52. Candles
  53. Camera
  54. CD Cases
  55. Bookshelves
  56. Couches
  57. Tables
  58. Stool
  59. Sweater
  60. Skirt
  61. Poncho
  62. Coat
  63. Blouse
  64. Shorts
  65. Gloves
  66. Socks
  67. Tree fort
  68. Back yard shed
  69. Gazebo
  70. Windmill
  71. Birdhouse
  72. Compost
  73. Biodiesel
  74. Solar power generator
  75. House
  76. Snowshoes
  77. Sun clock
  78. Bread
  79. Potato chips
  80. Pretzels
  81. Donuts
  82. Sausages
  83. Bagels
  84. A pinata
  85. Crayons
  86. Gnocchi
  87. A guitar
  88. 4th of July sparklers
  89. A lava lamp
  90. Tortillas
  91. Kimchi
  92. A hula hoop
  93. A loofah
  94. Cheese
  95. 3D glasses
  96. A Kite
  97. An igloo
  98. Modeling clay
  99. Crossword puzzles
  100. Cuff links

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Hi Everyone,

 My name is Debbie, not Martha.  I am creating a Weblog to share simple solutions for a terrific life that I believe to be realistic. 

If you are like me entertaining, cooking, finance, beauty, shopping, housekeeping may need to be done on a dime instead of a quarter.  I may never have $100 to spend on beauty products (nor would I think I would want to).  I may not have curly endive in my fridge, today or any other day.  I know I can’t go to 3 stores and purchase a bunch of items for a party I am going to throw.  And time and energy, for all those sleep deprived, may not allow for making my own purse.

 Most of the people I know are on a limited budget (money and time) and need helpful ideas to save money, throw a party on the cheap, save the planet-without having to purchase a new energy efficient appliance, shopping smart, when to really splurge and spend money on an item, menu planning, easy craft ideas, etc.  I get lots of questions from my friends and would like to help others and learn more ideas from you too!

I am so excited to start this blog so here comes my first item- SHOPPING:

When you feel the need to go out clothes shopping, first step into your closet.  *Even better invite a friend or two over to help with style.  A friend who’s style you admire will bring a great perspective on your closet!  Put some music on and have a little food (don’t get any stains though).  Now start mix and matching.  Try those accessories!!!!  Accessories are your best friend because they are cheap and can be seasonal without a big hit to the pocketbook.  Put items together you have never tried before.  You may also want to go through a magazine (at the library you can check out some -FREE) and look for the latest styles for inspirations (if you like the recent styles).  Give away or consign what you can’t use and jot down a few items you can shop for when you go shopping next.  Keep a little notebook so you know what you are looking for when you do go out. 

I have also thrown a clothing swap that was fun.  A great way to get clothes that someone else just can’t use anymore.

My next entry will share info about the shopping trip out.    Please let me know what you do to save money or things you would like to here about. 

Best Wishes,