For those of you who have been reading for awhile, you may remember my 2007 12 Days of Christmas posts.  For those new, let me explain.

Our family celebrates the 12 Days of Christmas (prior to Christmas) by donating, serving, and/or volunteering on each day.  We pick different things for each day like wrapping gifts for the homeless or helping a friend in need.

Well tonight we will narrow down our choices and will be starting this weekend.  I hope you will join us.  If not for all 12 days, choose one.  Your children will get a LOT out of it!  My kids pass by the nursing home that we served homemade cookies to last year and always remember the residents there.  Even when we don’t pass by they still talk about all the wonderful things they were able to do.  It also gets all away from the “gimmes”.

Have a “Giving” Day!


I love to hear other people’s ideas.  For today’s Giving Back Wednesday I would like you to tell me what you, or your family, do to give back. 

  • Do you volunteer somewhere? 
  • Do you have anything that you like to do that helps the community? 
  • A special family project? 
  • Ideas on how to help others?
  • What do you do to be a blessing to others?
  • How do you pay it forward?

Please write about it on your blog and put a link back here as a kind of ‘Pay it Forward Post’.  I hope you will participate as it’s a great opportunity, not to toot our own horns, but to share ideas with others. I can’t wait to read some of your ideas.  And it’s a great way to encourage each other to be a blessing to others. 


“On the street I saw a small girl

cold and shivering in a thin dress,

with little hope of a

decent meal.

I became angry and said to God:

‘Why did you permit this?

Why don’t you do something

about it?’

For awhile God said nothing.

That night he replied, quite


‘I certainly did something

about it.

I made you.'”

Author Unknown

(Taken from Christian Soup

for the Christian Soul)

As it is cold in many parts of the country (even in Arizona sometimes) we tend to  remember that there are many people without a home.  Sometimes it’s a struggle to know what to do to help.  If you have you ever been stopped at a light or been approached by someone for money you know the dilemma?  Obviously the best thing is not to give cash but what can you do to help?  There are some great alternatives like donating time and money to a shelter.  You can check with your church for local services they might know of.  And you can check out this post for another possible solution:


I thought this post had some great information.


Debbie aka The Real World Martha(S)