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As many of you may be aware, one of my New Year’s Resolutions was not to shop at Walmart.  So far so good.  And honestly I have no temptation any more to go there.  Sure it’s a little convenient but it’s too high of a “price”.

Now for those of you who are devote Walmart fans, I use to be one, please stay with me.

Last night on the news, in the midst of all the bad news about our economy, there was the “bright” spot of Walmart sales being up 2.1%.  So my question to those reading is, is this what you want?  Do we want Walmart to get larger while other companies go out of business?  Do we want to bail out WalMart when they start to have financial trouble because we are too dependent upon them? 

If you say where will I buy things, here are a few ideas:

Clothes – Thrift Stores, Resale Shops, Independent Shops

Pet Food– Grocery Store, PetSmart or similar store, Local Feed Store

Groceries– Even when I liked Walmart, I found their grocery prices not any cheaper than my grocery store, try local markets, Corner Grocery Store, Farmers Markets, ETC

Household –  I look for coupons and just shop my grocery store anymore.  It saves me a trip which pays for any additional $$ that I spent.  It’s a wash …hahahaha

Furntiure/Decorative– Again try your local Thrift Store, garage sale, or craigslist.  Or save up for some good quality merchandise that will last longer.  Also, try a model home store.  They purchase the furniture from the model homes and pass the savings onto you.  It’s higher than Walmart but quality is WAY BETTER and will last a lot longer which is better than getting something for a year and tossing it right?

Here are a few other stores to go to – Your local Hardware Store and Office Supply Stores.  And don’t forget about ETSY..handmade stuff is terrific there!

You know, depending on where you live, some of this takes a little more time, but is it worth it?  I believe without a doubt it is!!!!  More local stores creates jobs here, creates communities, fosters creativity and equips those who produce it, less to throw out because you paid for quality, spend/ do with less because you are purchasing something that will last. 

Don’t believe me, I can’t tell you how many times that either myself or someone I know purchase something that was not on our list because it was only $3.98.  And guess what?  Not used, didn’t work, in the closet, no one else wanted it, broke, regret, etc!!  How much have you spent at Walmart doing that?  Go for the long run, shop local!

Please consider where you shop and really do something good for our economy.

Have a “Soapbox” Day 🙂

P.S. – There’s always room for another person on this soapbox.  Join me and just say no to Walmart.


Please tell me you don’t fall for the scam, do you?  You know the over priced chicken at the store labeled boneless skinless chicken breasts.  High way robbery!  I know, I know, you found a sale.  But I have to tell you keep that skin and bones. 

You want proof:

1) Bake the whole chicken or just the chicken breasts with skin and bones and you will save cash first and formost.  For great fall off the bone chicken, take them and throw them in a casserole dish, cover with broth-homemade and covered in foil,  bake at 325 degrees for about 2 hours or until the temp gets to about 175.  YUMMY!

2) Now you will have bones to make our own chicken broth.  EASY!  Take parts of veggies that were gonna go (tops of washed carrots and celery, etc), throw in the bones and such, fill with seasonings and water and tada you have your own broth.  The broth is perfect in the freezer for when you need it.

3) Finally, you have better tasting chicken and you saved some cashola!  The skin helps protect you from the dredded dry chicken dinners we all know about.

So, just say no to boneless, skinless chicken and reach for the cheap pack.  I guarantee, money back, that this is super easy!

Have a “Skin and Bones” Day!

Don’t try to return the chicken breasts that you already have in the fridge.  Supermarkets don’t do well with returns 🙂 hahahaha.  Use them up and say goodbye!

This past weekend I had a party for friends to come and bring items they wanted to trade (no not children) for a swapping party.  It was a smaller turnout but I had a great time and got some great goodies.  Even though we were different sizes we all had different size clothing to trade.  Some people have lost or gained weight and need to get rid of things.  We also traded home decor, lotions/soaps (new), books/magazines, games/toys, etc!

I can’t tell you how much fun it was and plus I got about 15-30 items for FREE!  I love that!

So gather your friends over and start swapping!  Plus you have people to tell give you opinions on how things look.

Have a “Reuse” Day!

I am curious, did you make one?  Do you usually keep yours?

After much consideration I have made mine and believe I will stick with it.  My love affair is over.  I am not enjoying this relationship anymore and it’s time to cut the strings!  I don’t think the love is mutual and so I am not going to enable this any longer.  What is it you ask?  WalMart.  It’s not the place I shopped at 10 years ago.

I have been falling out of love with WalMart for sometime but have realized this is the year to go cold turkey.  Given our economic situation I just felt this is not a company I would like to support any longer.  Here are a few more reasons:

– I don’t think they treat their employees well and their pay is so low they have been reported as handing out Government Assistance Applications to their employees. 

– China factory.  Now I know that everything is made in China but didn’t they use to believe in Made in the USA.

– As a future small business owner, I can’t, in good conscience, support them.  When they come in to town they destroy a small town business’ who could never compete with the tax breaks and volume discounts that a WalMart receives.  And I love those business’s.  That’s where the character is at for me.

– Quality

– I think you actually spend more on things that, usually, don’t last.  It also creates a now and throw away mentality instead of saving for something that is going to last.  “It’s only $2.98”

Well how’s that for a soap box?  I know many disagree with this however this is what I know I need to do, and I love supporting the little guy.  I think our economy depends on it.  Just think, are we ready to bail out WalMart when they have trouble because we have become so dependent upon them?

Have a “Resolved” Day

Well It’s been fun but all good things must come to an end.  Tis Better To Give Than To Receive has officially ended or has it?  Of course, Thanksgiving is really “thanksliving” so we can do this all the time even when there is no contest.  But I think my readers already knew that.  What great stories and ideas you have all shared.

The final weeks winner is  All the prizes from this week are going to be yours!!!!

Surviving Motherhood Book from Karen

Discovery Denim Cape

Little Hero Cape - Blue and Cranberry - Lightening Bolt

Chris Sligh CD

And remember to please check out the wonderful products that you have seen during this contest.  This is a great opprtunity to support someone who is creating something (music, books, crafts, etc!!!)  I think they deserve our support!!!!!

Have a “New Begining” Day

I can’t believe the treats that we have seen over the past month.  Such wonderful products made by these amazing people.  Here is another one:

Discovery Denim– ETSY

I watched in bewilderment as my three-year-old ran back and forth holding a dishtowel around his neck. As I sat watching closely and laughing quietly, it became apparent — at one point or another, every child will need a cape.

In all honesty, the first cape I made was not by any means super. Made from extra scraps of light-blue linen, it was just a step above the dishtowel… but at least it stayed on. Luckily, my sewing and design skills heightened, as did my child’s adventures. Soon, his friends took notice of his cool new cape, and the little hero in each of them wanted also to emerge.

Before long, I was watching several caped kids run playfully around, planning daring rescues with their imaginations soaring — all in the boundaries of my living room walls. It was magical! Even the shyest of children could summon courage as a caped crusader. It made me realize that inside each child lays an abundance of strength and courage waiting eagerly for a mission. I saw that capes had the power to bring little heroes to life.

Little Hero Cape - Blue and Cranberry - Lightening Bolt

Is that the cutest thing ever????????? (Discovery Denim will determine which style for the winner.)

What do you need to do to get this?  Two ways.  Check out the ETSY shop and enter my contest!  And what kid wouldn’t want one of these?

1) Answer the question below in my comments. One entry is all I need. You DO NOT need to comment everyday to be eligible…just once.

2) POST about my contest on your blog (but not your answer to my question-I am looking for links to my contest for others to particpate too). I will need the direct link on my blog showing the post on your site.

3) That’s it!!!! Just wait to see if you are a winner of a week’s bounty of prizes. Isn’t the EASY????

Question for Week 4 – What ThanksGIVING traditions do you have? Does your family do something special that gives to others for this Holiday?

Have a “Heroic” Day!

Today we are adding to the week prize bucket an item from The Golden Goat.  Pam at the Golden Goat will choose a wonderful prize from her shop, her best selling Shampoo Bar.  You can visit here to buy your own or for presents too: 

Shampoo in a bar. This is my all time best seller. It is a curious little thing, but works great on your hair. Customers report that it relieves dandruff, itchy scalp, adds body, shine, and they have no need for a conditioner. Try some for yourself, and you can be the judge.

The added castor oil in the soap sets this bar apart from the other goat milk soaps. Extra moisturizing, and a bit of a softer bar. Be sure to keep all of your natural soaps dry between uses. Put them up on a wire rack or a CEDAR SOAP DISH, which we have available for purchase. As long as the soap gets air all the way around, and doesn’t sit in a puddle of water, it will last longer.

This also doubles as a great pet shampoo. Wash Fido or Fifi regularly to reduce flaking and dander. Leaves the sweet pet with a beautfully shiny, soft coat.

select from Lavender or Pink Grapefruit or Unscented

Here’s more info about the Golden Goat-

we do not use SOYBEAN OIL, or other cheap filler oils, in our soap

Many handmade soaps have soybean as an inexpensive filler oil in their soap recipe, but we refuse to cheapen our product.  We use primarily OLIVE OIL in our soap to create the best soap.  We will never resort to cheap fillers in order to make more money.  We combine the olive oil with coconut and palm oils to firm up the bar and create a nice lather.  We also add castor oil to our shampoo bar to create a super conditioning bar.  A nice portion of shea butter is added to provide moisturizing properties.  No CHEAP FILLERS, only quality ingredients for a superior product.

Our products contain none of the following to harm your skin:

mineral oil, petroleum, parabens, sulfates, glycol, mercury, lead, ethoxylates, formaldehydes, hormones, antibiotics!

So hop on over to their website and order some wonderful homemade gifts.  I am sure anyone getting some of these items in their stocking stuffer would be thrilled!

If you want to win an item from the Golden Goat here’s how:

1) Answer the question below in my comments.  One entry is all I need.  You DO NOT need to comment everyday to be eligible…just once. 

2) POST about my contest on your blog (but not your answer to my question-I am looking for links to my contest for others to particpate too).  I will need the direct link on my blog showing the post on your site. 

3) That’s it!!!!  Just wait to see if you are a winner of a week’s bounty of prizes.  Isn’t the EASY????


Question for Week 3 – Since this is my Birthday week tell me something that you have done on someone else’s birthday that was really special.  Did you make a cake when you usually buy one?  Or what about making a scrapbook for 6 months

Have a “Natural” Day!

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