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Yesterday I needed to ask 3 things that I do to irritate the other person.  In this case, my children.  We had company all day so I tried to figure a time for this and really wasn’t able to without it being awkward.  I am going to wait until there is a better time for this one.  And since I am doing both my children I have reduced the request to two each since I don’t wanna be depressed with 6 items about me this is annoying to them.

Today I move on to reacting to challenges in a loving manner.  So far, my oldest had a melt down, in school work, and I didn’t handle it the best.  I get worn out from his quick dissapointment and lack of resilance that I feel annoyed.  I need to work harder on this I see!!!!

I have been assigned to write down a list of areas in which I can add margin in my life (get the book to understand more).  Then I need to list any wrong motivations.  I might need extra paper 🙂

Have a “Work in Progress” Day!


Today’s “Love Dare” is to purchase a gift.

For those of you catching up, I am doing the “Love Dare”, from Fireproof, on my children rather than my hubby. 

Now buying presents is my specialty so this is ok for me.  I do like buying presents.  I have many on hand.  The trick will be to give no matter what they have done today.  I am sure satan will try to sabotage this so that I won’t want to give them, but I WILL (so take that satan!).

I also have to keep from any negative comments (the first day challenge stays with me).  It’s difficult to teach your children with being negative sometimes.  I just keep practicing.

Have a “Gift Filled” Day!

Have you seen the movie Fireproof?  If you haven’t or you haven’t read the Love Dare, let me share a little. 

The movie is based on a couple who is struggling in their marriage.  They are about to divorce when one is encouraged to do things to show love even though they don’t feel like it, for 40 days.

I really enjoyed the movie but the entire time I really wasn’t thinking of my marriage, I must confess.  I am not struggling in this area, right now, although I can always use to work harder.  My thoughts really went to the strainned relationship I have with my adopted son.

I went to purchase the book and have felt the Lord wanting me to use this Lent time to reach out and use this with both my children (my oldest is going through a pre-teen time and thought it can’t hurt). 

Today is Day 1

I am to have patience.  No critical jabs and no nit-picking who knew could be this hard and it’s only 11 am!  I just need to be QUIET!  I didn’t realize, already, how critical I can be.  I see way too much and correct way too much.

I really relate to how he felt that first day he started, in the movie.  I am still mad at some past issues so right now I am just mustering God’s strength to Shut Up!

I feel really good about this God assignment.  I will keep you posted.

Have an “Unconditional Love” Day!

To our week of prizes we add a children’s book from Marianne Richmond.  I found her blog sometime ago while on a search for adoption connections (we have an adopted child).  I have enjoyed her blog which you can find here:  http://connectwithmarianne.typepad.com/marianne_richmond_blog/

She also has her own gift shop in Minnesota:



Marianne is going to pick a wonderful book and send it to this week’s winner.  Isn’t that great?  You have to check out all her great stuff on her website : http://mariannerichmond.com/cgi-bin/cp-app.cgi?pg=store

Here is a picture (from her blog) of a  Toys R Us where her signed book was on display!

Toys R Us 001

Please be sure to visit her blog, find her beautiful books, and check out her store if you live near by ( I wish I could go)!

Here’s how to win this and all this weeks prizes:

1) Answer the question below in my comments.  One entry is all I need.  You DO NOT need to comment everyday to be eligible…just once. 

2) POST about my contest on your blog.  I will need the direct link on my blog showing the post on your site. 

3) That’s it!!!!  Just wait to see if you are a winner of a week’s bounty of prizes.  Isn’t the EASY????

Question for Week 2 – Tell me about a random act of kindness in the last year that you have done or someone has done for you?  Please share about it in the comments and don’t forget to link the contest on your blog

Have a “So Loved” Day!

For those of you who don’t know, I have a child who is adopted and has some emotional/behavioral issues.  Just when we think life is going along..BAM!  This is one of the moments.

( Me) Go into room.  “What is that smell?”

Now this is a problem that we have been dealing with off and on for sometime, along with others, and honestly I try to avoid his room.

Him   ”                                                      ”

SILENCE!  No honest answer to be found.

There was a pee ring on the floor that was as big as a chair.  Apparently he found a corner to pee (hear -saturate) in at night instead of going to the bathroom just a few feet away from HIS ROOM!!!!  Honestly our house in not very big!

The carpet is going to have to be torn out and we will have to paint the concrete.  FUN!  I’ll just fit that in between homeschooling, part time work (although not much anymore), and keeping up on my chores, k?

He has no bed frame as he was stuffing items under it including stolen food (that since rotted).  He has peed and pooped (smeared actually) on the carpet before.  And his bed isn’t smelling too good. 

AUGHH!!!!!  Quit moving that football LUCY!!!!

Can we tear that part of the house down and start all over?

The joys!  The joys!!!

This to shall pass, but when?

Have a “Clean” Day!

Have you read this book by Dr Kevin Leman? 

I have listened to him via the ParentTalk radio program for many years (not sure why he is no longer on there).  He is funny and practical.  Wish I was a little more of that sometimes.

Mu hubby and I are reading this to , of course, get a new kid by Friday 🙂

So the first day, Monday, starts with thinking about how we respond to our children.

Tuesday was about Attitude, Behavior, and Character (and that means us too..mostly us actually)

Last night was on discovering what type of parent you are:  Authoritarian, Permissive, or  Authoritative.

Authoritarian – One who is big on rules with little to no flexibility.

Permissive – Would be one who wants to be friends with their child and everyday is Disneyland

Authoritative – Is a parent who is a healthy balance between the two.  Fun but has healthy authority over the child.

So where do you fall?

Hey I think this book is more about changing me then my child 🙂

Have an “Authoritative” Day!

Here is his website for all his wonderful resources : http://www.lemanbooksandvideos.com/store/

(Under Contruction – We, as in my hubby, are working on a new pation roof.  Sorry for the mess and not the best picture.  This is the only recent one I have with both boys and no one else.)

It all started when my children would not stop asking, on Mother’s and Father’s Day, when Kids Day was.  They got tired of our standard answer of Everyday so Brother’s Day evolved.  June 1st was picked as this was about 1/2 way between each of their birthdays.

This is a celebration for the boys to appreciate the special relationship they have as brothers.  Did you ever realize that a sibling relationship is (traditionally) the longest relationship in your life?  You will, again in most cases, spend more time with them then anyone else in your life! 

Another reason we thought this would be a good idea is that my little one, who is adopted, usually would have an adoption day and that leaves the older one out.  Since our adoption went through close to this time frame it’s a way to celebrate the fact that he has been brought into our family and they each got a brother out of it.

The boys made cards for each other and purchased gifts (budget limit was $3 or under).  They will exchange gifts, we will play hard, maybe go swimming, go to church, and just have fun!!!

So pick up the phone and wish your brother or sister a “Happy Brother or Sister Day” and enjoy this special relationship!

Have a “Brotherly” Day!

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