We have a small 1970’s tent trailer that we camp in.  It works for us, but it has a lot of work that needs to be done.  We do little bits at a time and have replaced some things in it. 

Recently we took the trailer camping.  We had showers at the campsite, but no place to put our towels.  I asked hubby if we could get some of those adhesive hooks for our towels.

He said “Those are like a dollar a piece”. 

Ok, so there are four of us that’s a wopping $4.  I know we have been hit by the economy (losing about a third of our income) but still $4?

Last night, hubby proudly shows his deal.  He found a package of two on clearance at the autoparts store.  Two for 68 cents!  And the oil for our car was on sale.  He was a “happy camper”!

I have taught him well.  🙂

Have a “Frugal” Day!


We had a great time at Disneyland.  We did get back at 2am on Sunday night and 2 with colds but while we were there we had an excellent time.  Here are some pics:


 All Aboard..


Ready, Aim, Fire!


Just monkeying around.


End of day 1.  “I am so tired, says the little one.”


“Me too”, from our oldest!



Why is it that the first thing we do is to try and blow something up?  🙂


“Crazy driver..look OUT!!”

“Howdy Cowboy.  Wait a minute…”there’s a snake in my boot.”


There’s my Prince Charming.  I couldn’t resist.  Is he handsome or what?

There was an intergalatic emergency they had to take care of.

“Wait the lense cap is stuck.”

Day 3

Goofy’s kitchen for breakfast.  Now I hope the inspector checks the food cause if Goofy’s cookin who knows what’s in the food.

Can you tell by my little ones face that we had to be there at 7am?

I really got “hooked” by this guy.

“Mind if we drop on in?”

But really, the trip was just “Incredible”.

We were is “Stitch’s” most of the time.

And I was just plain “Goofy”!

Have a “Happiest Day on Earth”

This weekend we will be off to Disneyland.  Since we just got back from a trip you must be thinking..what? 

Well it’s my mother-in-law’s birthday and they have paid for us to come over and share the weekend with her.  Isn’t that such a tremendous blessing?  We are super excited!!!


I am really having a hard time living in the city.  Have you ever lived somewhere that you really connected to?  I did.  It was Oregon.  I miss it terribly. 

Last night I was looking at a country type magazine, that I got at Goodwill, and hubby was watching some datelineish special on the super rich and all their privilege.  I am not jealous of that.  I really am not.  I like to buy things (esp clothes) but I don’t like a lot of fancy things.  I was busy tearing out the chicken coop that I want. 

Now coveting doesn’t matter if you want expensive or not.  It just matters that you want something that you don’t have.  I don’t have the lifestyle that I want, and I am struggling.  I want my craftsman style home in a small town with my little retail shop and throw in a nice church and I am one step from heaven.  Did I mention some chickens? 

Well Arizona is not my cup of tea, so those who feel like saying a little prayer, I would appreciate it.  I have struggled with this the whole time I have live here and it hasn’t gotten any better.


The kids and I are still muttering our way through homeschooling.  Some days are better than others.  We are plugging away.  It’s tough to switch gears from teacher to Mom and to get anything done around the house.  🙂


I just have to say that for those of you that have stuck with me through this blogging adventure, I am so greatful.  It’s so nice to have the comments from you all.  I really enjoy the friendship, even though we can’t all get together for lunch.  But I am open if you are. 🙂

Have a “Blessed” Day!

Debbie aka The Real World Martha(S)

I hate to air my dirty laundry but, I need to share this.

Dear Fall,

I have felt that I have loved you for such a long time.  My heart is anxious when I think of you.  Your beautiful colors, crispness in the air, sweatshirts, apple picking, cool nights, our time by the fireplace, and  the cozy blankets. 

I thought when I moved we would still be together at times.  I thought you would come and visit, but you rarely do.  I always have to come and travel to be with you it seems. 

I am not sure you care about me the way I care about you.  And now I am hearing others speak of you like you are coming to see them soon and not me.  Even in magazines I am hearing about your escapades.  Please don’t tell me they are just friends.  You can’t say that when you visit them and don’t come and see me.  How can I be happy knowing that you will see me far less than anyone else?

I still love you, but I don’t know how much a person can take.  I miss your beautiful face.  I don’t want to appear desperate, but I have been with summer so long and he drains me.  I need you to come and visit soon. 


Missing Fall in Arizona

Have a “Cool” Day

I think I will wrap up the last of the vacation recommendations.  Needless to say we had a great time and here are the final great spots we hit in no particular order:

Morro Bay, CA The weather was wonderful, although a bit foggy.  It is a small town that makes you start looking at home prices.  Kids learning to surf on the beach, small local shops, friendly people, and an otter met us by the bay just to say “Hi” as he was banging his dinner on a rock.  Make sure to go to La Parisienne Bakery and get some fresh breakfast sandwiches to go and head on over to the beach and watch some surfers or go play in the sand!

Solvang, CA is a wonderful little Danish Town in Central-Southern California.  Even though we got there just as the shops were about to close (Did hubby plan that?) it still is a fun little town to visit.  It thrives on tourism but still has so much character!  Don’t forget to go to Wheel Fun Rental for a bike ride.  Oh, and arrive early to pick up a danish too 🙂

Apple Farm Mill Housein San Luis Obispo is a restaurant that has been around awhile.  They are now part of a corporation entity but it is such a beautiful place and the food is quite good too.  Don’t forget to go the the little gift house where they make the homemade ice cream.  All the restaurant ice cream is made on the premises!

Portillo’s Hot Dogsin Buena Park.  If you are from Chicago, or are familiar with Italian Beef’s, this is a must.  It even passed my brother’s review and that is no easy task!

El Capitan Canyon near Santa Barbara, CA.  If you can swing staying here, cost wise, it will be memorable.  These are  yurt style tents and cabins in a beautiful setting.  There is a pool, bikes to ride, and many places to hike.  If you like the outdoors you would love this upscale version of camping!  If you can’t stay there, go there for a lunch.  It was yummy!

That’s all Folks. 

Have a “Recommended” Day!

As I stated before I could go on and on about Southern Oregon.  If you ever get a chance to visit, do so!!!  It’s beautiful.  And let me know so I can send you even more info 🙂

I am going to move on to California:

Jelly Belly Candy Factory Touris a really interesting.  It’s free but most people, like us, end up buying a few things in the gift shop of course.  We try to only buy a little and succeded for the most part.  I will say this, don’t go to the cafe unless you want to drop a lot of cash.  That must be where they make most of their $$$.

– Of course San Francisco has so much to see that I could never cover it all but make sure to go through the Golden Gate Park and see the Windmill.  It is currently getting restored and my brother knows the contractor so we got to see the process it is going through.  When it’s complete it will be wonderful!

The Pacific Ocean.  Go early in the morning to pick up Sand Dollars.

-While in the San Francisco area stop by Lunardi’s Markets.  The fruit is excellent and they have a cinnamon bread that is to delicious to explain.  It’s good toasted or not. 

– Although we didn’t get there this time, try to head over to Half Moon Bay.  It’s just Southwest of San Francisco and has a wonderful small town quality to it.  There use to be a sandwich shop there that had lines out the door.  It was YUMMY!  Not sure if it’s still there or not.  I use to live near there and even as a teenager appreciated it.  And head a little more south to the town of Pescadero for some pie.

Tomorrow we will head south.

Have a “Scenic” Day!

Ok, so we loved Eagle Rock Lodge as mentioned but we got a great B & B in Ashland as well.  The only bad part for you is that it’s not open to the public.  🙂  Hubby’s Dad and Wife made us feel like we were at a B&B.  If they ever open for business we will let you know.  They have a beautiful house, that my father-in-law built, on the hill so you would love it!  And guess what my hubby lived there most of his life!

Anyways, I thought I would give you some recommendations of places and things to do while there.  Since we lived there, and hubby grew up there, you can bet these are great places:

Science Works in Ashland is a lot of fun.  It’s not a big city Science Center, but I think it does a great job and has different themes each time we have gone.

– The Breadboard Restaurant is yummy.  It’s been a favorite of mine for years!  They are open for  breakfast and lunch so be sure to stop on by.

Four and Twenty Blackbirds Bakery.  YUMMY!!!!  And please try Marionberry!!!

Paddington Station is a terrific shop in downtown Ashland.  They have everything from kitchen to clothing items and a lot in-between.  It’s a terrific shop!

– All of downtown Ashland is fun to walk around.  It is a little on the hippie side but fun.

Lithia Parkis a beautiful park just up from downtown Ashland.  You can see the ducks, have a picnic, hike, take the kids to pay in the creek or the playground, and in the winter ice skate.  Really there is too much to mention. 

– Big Town Hero is a nice sandwich shop.  The bread is fresh baked and it’s all ready to be taken to the park for a picnic like we did.

I could go on and on in regards to Southern Oregon.  So…there will be more to come!

Have a “BEAUTIFUL” day!

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