Actually, I am not!  What am I talking about?  Well it’s BIG!!!  Are you sure you are ready?

Ok, I warned you!

For the ENTIRE MONTH OF NOVEMBER I will be hosting a contest.  There will be more prizes than you will know what to do with.  Each week, during the month, I will showcase some wonderful products.  At the end of the week you will have a chance to win all of the ones from that week!!!  Can you believe it?

Here is a glimpse of what’s to come:


Fabric Grocery Bag


Soaps and Lotions

Non-Toxic Detergent

Body Butter

Books !!!!!



Wall Graphics

Kids Items

Holiday Items




I can’t wait.

This contest will be “Tis Better To Give Than Receive”.  It’s my birthday month, Thanksgiving, and the start of the entire Holiday season.  I thought what better way to showcase it by giving away terrific items.  So make sure to come by and be ready to let me know what ways you give back this season.

And just think, if you win you will have a huge dent done in your holiday shopping list 🙂

Have a “Giving” Day

Debbie aka The Real World Martha


I thought I was back, and then I was gone again.  I am sure many can relate to balancing this blog thing.  I have been wanting to do a post about a contest I won on The Simple Wife blog and haven’t gotten to it yet.  I hope this week.

Quick update:

-Back from 3 day weekend camp trip to Mexico.  Everything is a little crazy after that of course.

– Field trip today to Ice Skating Rink.

– Really trying to focus hard on homeschooling so we are all a little more happy!

-Trying to decide which direction to take some of my side interests Pampered Chef, Blog, Business Ideas that I have, EBAY, Book Ideas, ETC!!!!  Too many interests!!!

Well that’s about it for now.  But I do have one final question:  Why is it that my stats (blog stats that is) is just as high or higher when I am not writing?  Are you all trying to tell me something?  Checking to see if I have thrown in the towel?  🙂

I need some sleep now!!

Have a “Go To Bed” Day/Night

Today is my 1st year blogging anniversary.  I have really enjoyed meeting so many wonderful people and getting a chance to just to get some of this stuff out of my head. 🙂

I would like to share 5 goals for this next year:

  • Get a customized page/website.
  • See if I need to focus on the direction of the blog a little more.?.?.?
  • Learn more about the technical side of blogging
  • Discover ways to advertise on my blog
  • Finally, have as much fun as I am but keep a budget of time on it

So, if you have any words of wisdom in any of these areas, I would appreciate your comment as a blogiversary present.  Now, you wouldn’t withhold a present on my anniversary would you?  🙂

Two more things I have to add:

– Happy Fall, for those fortunate enough to actually have a fall.  Last night, during the weather, the weather person said, and I quote, “We are continuing to cool off.  The change of season is upon us.  Today the high for Phoenix was 101.  Currently it’s 93 degrees (at 9:55 pm).”  Also in the forecast was temps 102 and 103..yippee!!!  And to top it off they had the little fall leaves on today for the 7 day forecast.  I think I will get my jacket out.  It is feeling a bit nippy outside.

– As some of you are aware we are doing some work on our house.  In the process, we have a rocking chair that I am waiting to put elsewhere.  So it’s just kind of hanging around, in a very ackward place, in our family room.  My oldest has been enjoying it there so I asked him if he realized it is not going to be there for long.    In his interior design mode he said “WHAT?”  Given the fact that I think it’s very obvious it doesn’t belong I thought everyone was on the same page.  Guess not.

Have a “Helpful” Day!

Debbie aka The Real World Martha(S)

This weekend we will be off to Disneyland.  Since we just got back from a trip you must be thinking..what? 

Well it’s my mother-in-law’s birthday and they have paid for us to come over and share the weekend with her.  Isn’t that such a tremendous blessing?  We are super excited!!!


I am really having a hard time living in the city.  Have you ever lived somewhere that you really connected to?  I did.  It was Oregon.  I miss it terribly. 

Last night I was looking at a country type magazine, that I got at Goodwill, and hubby was watching some datelineish special on the super rich and all their privilege.  I am not jealous of that.  I really am not.  I like to buy things (esp clothes) but I don’t like a lot of fancy things.  I was busy tearing out the chicken coop that I want. 

Now coveting doesn’t matter if you want expensive or not.  It just matters that you want something that you don’t have.  I don’t have the lifestyle that I want, and I am struggling.  I want my craftsman style home in a small town with my little retail shop and throw in a nice church and I am one step from heaven.  Did I mention some chickens? 

Well Arizona is not my cup of tea, so those who feel like saying a little prayer, I would appreciate it.  I have struggled with this the whole time I have live here and it hasn’t gotten any better.


The kids and I are still muttering our way through homeschooling.  Some days are better than others.  We are plugging away.  It’s tough to switch gears from teacher to Mom and to get anything done around the house.  🙂


I just have to say that for those of you that have stuck with me through this blogging adventure, I am so greatful.  It’s so nice to have the comments from you all.  I really enjoy the friendship, even though we can’t all get together for lunch.  But I am open if you are. 🙂

Have a “Blessed” Day!

Debbie aka The Real World Martha(S)

In the past I use to email back to anyone who would write a comment.  It’s been a fun way to build some friendships and such.  I know some people comment back on their own site.  I would be curious to here what you all do.  So you can leave me a comment letting me know what you do.

But for me, as we approach the new school year, ours starts on Aug 11, I have come to realize I will not be able to email everyone back anymore.  I will try and comment here so you can see.  If you, or I, have something that should be held in private I will not comment here but by email when I can.

Please be patient with me.  Adjusting to homeschooling the two boys is going to be big for me (I think).

Have a “Learning” Day!

I don’t know about other contests but this contest is on the up and up.  No jokers here…well maybe just one.

There’s one in every bunch (and a few more in my house!!).

My little one helped me draw a name for my A-Z tip Contest.

And he picked….

Kristin at !!! 

Kristin here is what you will get..

You will be able to choose one Lotion Bar (your choice of scent.)  LOVE THIS.  I have the Kumquet scent and it’s yummy!  It feels really good on the skin….OR…you can pick one of their whole bar soaps. 



A a lip butter in tube (again your choice of flavor).  I have the Jazzy Rasberry and I love it! 


Plus you will get a sample of one of their soaps……

Thanks to everyone that participated.  I really appreciate all the support in this blogging adventure. 

Kristin – Don’t forget I will need your address and the scents you would like.

Have a “Contest Free” Day!

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  I did and will share more later!

Here is my X for my A-Z tips.  I don’t know if it’s a tip or really just some info but none the less here it is…

Did you know that people using the terminology of XMAS is really Christian based?

Check it out…

(taken from –


[From X, the Greek letter chi, first letter of Greek Khrīstos, Christ. See Christ.]

USAGE NOTE   Xmas has been used for hundreds of years in religious writing, where the X represents a Greek chi, the first letter of Χριστος, “Christ.” In this use it is parallel to other forms like Xtian, “Christian.” But people unaware of the Greek origin of this X often mistakenly interpret Xmas as an informal shortening pronounced (ĕksməs). Many therefore frown upon the term Xmas because it seems to them a commercial convenience that omits Christ from Christmas.

So in a few months when you hear or see XMAS get a little smile as it’s not removing Christ from anything.  And really does it matter what happens in the mouth if the heart is not with it?  We can try and get people to say Christmas but that will not change their heart toward God.  They need to know the love of Jesus you know and not a bunch of rules that has no meaning to them.

Have a “XMAS Spirit” Day!

CONTEST – Two more posts to go before the contest ends.  After the Z post I will draw a name to win.  If you would like to enter please link any of my A-Z tips on your blog.  And don’t forget to let me know about it.  I will then enter you in my contest.