…Crunchy Clean.  I am very concerned about the chemicals we use in our home.  My mother died of cancer and just breathing some of the cleaners that are on the market just makes me feel like a disease is coming on.  And read some of the warning labels on most …. YIKES!!!!  Well I was really impressed with this next ETSY Shop.  So Let’s learn more shall we?  And don’t forget to enter the contest!

I am a wife and new mom of a baby girl. I started making our cleaning products over a year ago in an effort to cut down on our exposure to chemicals and be friendlier to the earth. As my zeal for living a green life has increased with new motherhood, I have worked on my recipes and made them perfect!

Crunchy Clean Homemade Green Detergents

CrunchyClean’s Shop Announcement
Crunchy: Adjective. Used to describe persons who have ALTERED OR ADJUSTED their lifestyle for ENVIRONMENTAL REASONS.
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Introducing a homemade clothes detergent!
* All natural ingredients
* Phosphate-free
* Non-toxic
* Gray Water Safe

This detergent works great in any temperature wash.
It is GREAT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN and BABY SKIN (we have both and its perfect!)
It can be used to pretreat stains in paste form.

Use 1 Tablespoon for regular sized/soiled load – Also great for high efficiency washer – use 1/2 amount. Its a non-sudsing formula, so it works great for any washing machine!

Available in customized scents or unscented (can combine as well)- available are (please specify scent in message box when purchasing):

100% Essential Oils
-Lavender Grapefruit
-Vanilla Lavender
-Lavender Chamomile
-Lemongrass Orange
These scents will be very light and airy.

Fragrance Oils
-Monkey Farts – (delicious smell – bananas and juicy grapefruit, middle notes of kiwi, juicy bubblegum, and strawberries; and a hint of vanilla)
-Apple Orchard
-Apple Vanilla
-Baby Bee (Great for baby laundry- smells like Burts Bees – peaches, mandarin oranges, coconut pulp, bergamot, grapefruit, tropical guava, and tangy lemons)
-Oatmeal Milk-n-Honey
-Mango Papaya
-Pink Sugar
-Clean Crisp Air
-Clean Breeze
-Crisp & Candied (orange peels, apples, and lemons; followed by middle notes of clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg; and well-rounded with base notes of cinnamon bark and woods)
-Cafe Mocha
-Bergamot & Tarragon Leaves (tarragon leaves, grapefruit, and lime; followed by middle notes of bergamot and jasmin; well rounded with base notes of oakmoss and bamboo)
-Buttercream Cupcake
-Nag Champa (patchouli, sandalwood, and dragon’s blood work together to create this wonderful blend)
-Coconut Cabana (cocoa butter and tropical fruits)
-Oatmeal Milk N Honey
-Cinnamon Sticks
-Caribbean (coconut, fresh sliced pineapple, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream)
-Gingered Bergamot
-Pumpkin Apple Butter
-Grapefruit Mango
-April Clean (Similar to Downy April Fresh – clean, flowery, powder smell)
-Vanilla Insanity (French vanilla and whipped cream butter; followed by middle notes of cotton candy, chestnuts, and maple sugar with vanilla bean scent)

Please put the scent that you want in the “message to seller” box when you check out.

PLEASE NOTE: I have seen many other detergents claim to be “cloth diaper safe”, but they are not if they contain soap or enzymes (and borax has been said to ruin elastic, as well). Soap has potential to build up on diapers, enzymes can cause a horrible open rash on your DC. Please beware and check ingredients for your child’s and diaper’s sake!

Plenty of people use the diaper safe detergent for ALL of their laundry with great results. We use regular on all of our clothes and DD’s messy clothes, and diaper on our cloth diapers —
The difference, you ask? The regular detergent has soap in it to give it the extra “OOMPH” of cleaning tough stains as well as a few other ingredients which help with inorganic stains and dirt. The diaper detergent has safe ingredients for diapers (NO SOAP, ENZYMES OR BORAX) that are realllly great on organic waste and cleaning your diapers.


SAMPLE- Choose TYPE of Detergent      GREEN Laundry Detergent

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Have a “Crunchy” Day!


I know you all are on pins and needles for what tip is next in our adventure 🙂 (or not), but here goes.


Today’s tip is a cleaning tip for carpets.  This could also make a gift for someone.

Lavender Vacuuming Powder

1 c Baking Soda

1/4 c Dried Lavender Flower Buds

Crumble the flowers in your fingertips (separating seed from stem) and add to the baking soda.  Store in a shaker.  Sprinkle on carpet before vacuuming.

(From Mom Spa) 


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I came up with an idea to do a tip of the day starting with the letter of the alphabet.  These tips will cover all sorts of subjects as I am an informationaholic, remember? 

Today I will start with A.  I will go to the end so stay with me for all the tips each day.  After that I will be holding my first contest.  If you link back to any of my A -Z Tips on your blog please put that in my comments with your (ping) post/link for a chance to win.  The prize, well you will just have to stay tuned.

A – This can go both ways as it’s an auto tip and an aromatherapy one as well.

Are you in your car all the time?  Try cinnamon or peppermint scents to be more alert.  Take a spray bottle and dilute the essential oil with water.  (The essential oil bottle should have this on it.)  Spray in the car for a non-toxic pick me up.  You can also try citrus scents as well. 

Essential Oils can be a great alternative to fragrances that you purchase at the store.  Once diluted a little goes a long way and you don’t have all those chemicals that you are breathing in. 

Have an “A+” Day 

I am starting to come around.  This is the sickest I have been in a very long time.  I thought I would share a few things I learned while sick…

1) If you are running a fever and have had some medication, don’t bother trying to figure out who would be knocking at the door at 2 am.

2) Jammies are only fun the first day.

3) I have learned of a special talent I have to get a cough drop in just the right place in the roof of my mouth that it will stay there and I don’t choke on it.  (Don’t try this on your own as I don’t want to get sued if you don’t have the same talent.)

4) Getting sick stinks!!!!!!!!!!!!

5) After spending two nights on the sofa sitting up and trying to sleep, I realize that I LOVE MY OWN BED!!!  It is HEAVENish.

6) If you are trying to keep a lot of chemicals out of the home, what do you do after someone is sick so that it doesn’t go around?  OK, so this is a question that I didn’t learn but if you have, please let me know.

7) I REALLY miss having family around.  It’s very hard to take care of kids and yourself when your ill.  My hubby had to work late on Monday and Tuesday.  I needed chicken noodle soup in the worse way!  😦

8) Have you ever thought that cows don’t have a breakfast, lunch, and dinner?  They just graze all day.  But that may show in a swimsuit 🙂  (Did I mention lots of days with a fever?)

9) My oldest was very helpful in getting up and doing his own breakfast and getting to the bus on time by himself.

10) My house is a disaster zone and I get to clean it up 🙂  YEAH!

Bonus – I am sooooo thankful for getting better and all the wonderful people who sent me a well wish!

I am trying not to overdue it but it’s a war zone out there!

Have a “Sick-Free” Day!

My mother passed away with cancer when I was 17.  She almost died from this disease when I was 9 so I grew up with cancer and it’s affects most of my life.  Cancer runs in my mother’s side of the family so it’s a big part of my medical history.  This was very apparent not too long ago when I had some precancerous treatment on my lip.  Now I am a mom and it’s very scary to think of this is my life.  I really do try to keep in mind when making choices like when to go in the sun, sunscreen, but also chemicals in my home.

I am very interested in some natural treatments that we can do in our everyday life as I think there are a lot of chemicals we could do without (ALL around us).  Now, I am not an extremist, yet :), but  I would just like to use less in my life and home.

Here are just a few simple tips I keep on hand for natural healing.  Of course, there is not a substitute for medial advise and I hold no medical degree! 

  • Ginger (try a couple of pieces of candied ginger or tea), chamomile, or peppermint for an upset tummy.
  • Oatmeal, milk, or (cooled) tea for sunburns.
  • Tea Tree Oil for athlete’s foot, cuts and scrapes, and dandruff.
  • Fluoride Toothpaste for acne (white and a little dab will do ya)
  • Duct Tape for Warts
  • Cinnamon has been reported to help lower cholesterol and blood sugar (and no I do not mean a Cinnamon Roll!!!)
  • Oregano is thought to be a Cancer Fighter

If you are interested in natural cures there are many resources on-line and in book form just really get to know your sources.

Here are a few web-links to help with medical issues:

www.healthfinder.gov   – Research your symptoms or current medical trends.  The kid section has links for nutrition.

www.cancer.org  – American Cancer Society

http://womenshealth.about.com/od/surgeryforgyndiseases/a/medicaltests.htm  –  A run down of tests women need to get.


Amazing Kitchen Cures, by Joey Green

Clean House, Clean Planet, by Karen Logan (If you are interested in natural cleaning – helps save on money as well.)

Also, I would recommend everyone to have a medical journal for you and your family members.  You can keep immunizations, all doctor info, medical history, etc in it.  Also, log all symptoms with dates so that you are ready when you or a family member goes to the doctor.  It is so hard to remember what happened and when.  Or is that just me?

I was just talking with a friend of mine about how are pediatricians know our children but we don’t know our doctors at all (or don’t have a primary care physician).  But kids go to the doctor at least once a year for a well-check.  And I know I am not the only one who’s children go way more than that!  How often do we go?  Our doctors don’t know us!  If we are healthy we may only go once a year or every few years…right?  They will only know what we provide.  So keep up regular visits with your primary care doctor and keep a journal.  They are good at what they do but last time I checked they aren’t mind readers.

Have a ‘Healthy’ Day!!!