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My dare today is to give up on an area of disagreement that is really not that important.  I have thought of what I am going to give in to, if you will, for my little one, but am still working on my oldest. 

This is really valuable to evaluate what it is that there is conflict about and if it’s important.  So many times the conflict really isn’t going to matter in the long run.  So why is it then that it is so protected??  Ahhh, PRIDE, I forgot 🙂

Is there anything you could “give in” to?

Have a “Willing” Day!


Hmmm…Q????  I don’t quilt.  I don’t know anything about quails.  I am not a queen.  I have no tips on Quartz.  So what to do with Q for today’s tip?  How about a quote? 

I have talked, even just yesterday, about the minitry of Joyce Meyer’s.  I had the pleasure of attending a conference just recently and she said something that really struck me so I thought I would share it today.  Now if you are not familiar with Joyce she has a point blank way of speaking.  She doesn’t hold back and tells it like it is.  You are never left wondering what was she trying to get to.  That’s what I like about her.  You may not always agree but you know where she stands and I respect that.


“If you think you can’t be happy until all your circumstances are right, you will never be happy.”  This quote was from her website.  Now at the conference she said something likeIf you think that when your husband becomes a Godly Man in the home(i.e. decisions, etc) you will be happy..NO YOU WON’T ( I love the way she said it.).  Then you will be mad that you lost control.”  She gave several more examples of what we think will make us happy rarely does.  We have to choose happiness in our mind.

Do you have a story of something you thought would make you happy and it didn’t? 

Here’s her link if your are interested:

Have a “Happy” Day!

Debbie aka The Real World Martha(S)

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Oh boy, is that a loaded question or what?

I heard a radio announcer talk about how when we ask for wisdom (but this can also apply to anything like patience, perseverance, etc) that we sometimes may think that it will be given to us completely and/or that we can fully obtain it all at once.  If we were to get it all at once the announcer posed the question that isn’t that idolatry?  Aren’t we then trying to be God like and never rely on God again? WOW idolatry! Hmmm

I thought this was a very interesting thought.  If we were to get it all at once we wouldn’t need to turn to God.  God DOES give us what we need at the time but not more as we might become as Satan did and think that we are equal to God.  And let’s face it don’t we already have enough control issues as it is?  God has complete control and sovereignty.  We will get enough to get us through but to also know that we need to still keep coming back to Him for more.  We don’t get all the water from the fountain at once do we?  No, we have to go back as needed.  We can’t store it all up like a camel, and we can’t store up God so that we will never need Him and become our own god.

So when I ask for to be a great Mom and I am a work in progress that is what God wants?  When I lack patience in a situation (provided I didn’t behave ungodly) I am where I need to be?  Maybe….???  Of course God wants me to grow and keep close to Him, but I am not going to do it without Him!

This principal reminds me of parenting.  (I think so many people come back to faith when they have children because they better understand the role of God in our lives.)  As a parent our child may ask for new clothes and we give them what they need for that time.  We don’t go to the store and buy clothes until they are 18.  Even though they will need clothes that long you wouldn’t do  it.  Styles and taste change, bodies grow differently, and they just don’t need all that stuff right now; it would be overwhelming.

Isn’t it awesome that God gives us just what we need to get through at that time?  All we need to do is stay home (close to God in prayer and His word), keep asking, and he will provide all our needs in His perfect time.

Have a “just what you need” kind of day!  🙂

For those of you who read our issue the other day and deciding to home school our oldest or not we have had some good news.  But first let me add that we talked to the friend’s Mom and we all agreed that the boys were grounded from talking on the phone and hanging out.  We also learned that the boy has recently received a step father and has just finished anger classes.  So we weren’t sure how this was going to go on Monday but our oldest came home happy both Monday and Tuesday.

He almost seemed relieved to not have to be friends with this boy right now.  We didn’t tell them they couldn’t be friends but the other boy is mad at him and says he never wanted to be friends with him.  Our son found another boy to play with immediately and they seem to be getting along VERY well!  We don’t know too much about him but he lives very close and just recently moved in.  We are going to be working on getting to know that family.

Our oldest has assigned seats on the bus and had to sit with the other boy so he talked with the bus driver and asked to switch seats.  I was so proud of him to take this measure.  He now sits with someone he has known since he was 5.  She is a girl but at least they know each other really well and there shouldn’t be an issue with the seating arrangement for the rest of this year.

Some wonderful things that have come out of this situation is:

  • He has taken control over a bad situation on the bus.
  • He has made a new friend very quickly and seems happy and relieved to be free of a situation that may not have been good for him.
  • He looks as if a weight has been lifted from him.
  • Since he was able to finally confide in us about the swearing issue he was able to know that communication is open and that he can come to us with issues he is struggling with.

We still don’t know what next year will bring and are still praying about the possible home school idea but at least there is wonderful things coming out of this. 

Thanks for all those that lifted him (us) in prayer!!!!!  Much appreciated!


Debbie aka The Real World Martha(S)

I have never considered myself superstitious.  I don’t throw salt over my shoulder.  I will walk under a ladder while holding a black cat and looking in a broken mirror.  Although, I may crash into the side of a building because the cat saw his reflection in the mirror and I lost my balance trying to hold all that and not knock the guy off the ladder.  But that wouldn’t be the cat’s fault.  I am not superstitious, or am I????


This thought came to me this morning while I was getting ready.  See on Saturday’s I have time to think while getting ready as my husband is home and I have more than 5 minutes to get ready before the kids trash the house or each other. 🙂  I believe God revealed that I have “superstitions” and just haven’t acknowledged them as they are just different than what I thought they would be.

I just now realized that I have believed that if I think too much about how much I love my hubby and kids I might loose them (my Mom died when I was 17 and she was my best friend).  If my life is too good then bad things will start happening.  If I would have $ it will be taken away.  As long as I keep to myself and don’t rock the boat too much I will ward off evil (to a certain extent).  This came as such a shock to me that I really believed in this, but I have deep inside.  This explains why I get shocked when bad things still happen.  (No, I don’t need a number of a good counselor.)

Some of this belief was formulated when I would see deeply spiritual people have enormous tragedies.  Have you heard of Job?  Seen the movie End of the Spear?  And I won’t even go into all the people in my own life that I have seen go through much heartache.  Also, I believe that God doesn’t give us anymore than we can handle so if we are spiritual you better be prepared.  But since God does only allow what we can handle He has prepared us.  I guess I just don’t want to be prepared sometimes.  Which really is not only a control issue but also too enamored with the world and what it offers.

While my son did his morning devotion his Bible verse was Jeremiah 45:5 “Don’t be discouraged.  I will bring great disorder upon all these people, but I will protect you wherever you go.  I, the Lord, have spoken!”  And He spoke it for me.  I realized what I was putting in my head.  I felt like I could control these situations and avoid bad things from happening.  Nope!  (I know you already know this. The nope is for me.)  I can’t avoid bad things from happening but I can trust in the One who will protect me and love me no matter what.

Isn’t the Lord awesome?  See when we are given these revelations we can change them in our lives to make them better.  Not too much better so something might happen though…just kidding.  I am a work in progress!