It’s been so sad to not post like I hoped to.  I am still working on the Love Dare with my kids, and I wish I would have done regular updates however it’s been so crazy around here.  I am also doing a study at church on parenting teens (oldest is a pre-teen).  But this study is really for all parents.  Terrific!!!!

One of the thoughts that has struck me while doing both of these things is that, as Christian Parents, we are not to be ‘A’shamed or ‘D’issapointed with our childrens behavior. 

Now here me out if this sounds wrong to you.  God is not disappointed with us.  He disciplines us to get us where he wants us to be but He is never shocked, dissapointed, ashamed, etc!  So if we take on His traits as a Christian, shouldn’t we be the same way?

I always thought that a certain amount of shame, like a Moms look, you know “The Look”, was ok.; we joke about it don’t we?  Really it’s not part of building a child up with unconditional love (agape love).  That doesn’t mean that we won’t discipline a child or let them experience natural consequences, but that there is no shame in screwing up.  And if we all think about it, haven’t we screwed up a time or two ourselves?  So why would we be surprised they do?  Disappointed and shame is just a way of saying I am shocked that you did that cause I never have or would.

Have a “Shockless” Day!


Today for the A-Z tips we are taking a trip to P for Parenting.  I don’t know about you but I can always use some parenting tips.

I receive Joyce Meyer’s monthly magazine and one regular contributor is John Maxwell.  I don’t know if you are familiar with him or not but he writes a lot on Leadership.  Most of the the articles have a business tone, but I believe some of them can work well in parenting.

One article that I pulled out was on “Velvet Covered Bricks”.  I just loved the visual concept of this.  What a great thought that as a parent we are to be soft (velvet) at the same time strong (like a brick) in knowing what is best for our children.  Only I might change velvet to a baby soft blanket.  Aren’t the things so super soft now a days?  I digress.

John Maxwell states that a velvet covered brick is “a leader (parent) that makes difficult decisions, but at the same time, acts as an emotional caretaker to the people their choices affect.  The instill discipline, but they also provide encouragement and inspiration.”

He states that a velvet covered brick leader will confront problems but consider different perspectives, commited to results and relationships, respected and approachable, etc.  Sounds like good parenting ideas to me. 

To see the entire article please follow this link:

So wrap up a brick in something soft and now you have a constant parenting reminder.  But I wouldn’t recommend taking it with you when you go to the store with your children.  For ladies, we already have too much in our purses as it is.  You will just have to keep the velver convered brick in mind 🙂

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Have a “Good Parenting” Day!