I’m sure many of you know about all the toy recalls from China.  We receive many products, not just toys,  from China and may not be aware just how prevalent these products are in our stores.  From a business prospective I can understand why a business would feel they need to import from China to stay competitive.  As consumers we demand it.  We want, myself included, a low price.  However, as we are learning, this may come at a different price; working conditions, low wages, and a lack of standard that is acceptable. 

About two years ago, my husband lost his job to this dilemma.  My husband is a trained jeweler who now makes teeth.  He makes crowns, bridges, etc.  He works in a dental lab and they were outsourcing to China.  Thankfully he found another job but the thought is always there that more labs may outsource.  As we learned about the lead in the toys it made me start to wonder about how many people have a crown that may have too much lead or possibly worse.  And I don’t even know if the dentists were informed and could make a decision if this was in the best interests of their patients. 

I know that it is near impossible for us to avoid this trend, but I do believe people need to be aware so that we do not accept inferior products based on the bottom-line.  Here are a few things you can do: 

  • Make sure to check where your products are made (ask about things you wouldn’t think about)
  • Listen to local news regarding this issue 
  • Vote on any legislation that may help keep imported products that we expect here in the United States
  • Inform your stores (etc) what you want or expect 

If you are interested in purchasing things made in the USA this holiday season or any other time look at this website.  I found it and thought it was interesting. 


 You can also try and buy locally.  Supporting a local merchant is sometimes more expensive but can be worth the extra cost knowing that someone received a proper wage, the product is properly inspected, less transportation to bring the product to you (GREEN), and it helps the local economy. 

Buy local this Christmas.