…Tast’em and see.  Does anyone remember that jingle?

I have wanted to write this post for awhile, but the problem was I couldn’t keep any summer fruit around long enough to take a picture.  I LOVE MY SUMMER FRUIT!!

But really, if you have trouble picking out fruit then I would like to help.  After all this is part of my election campaign “Eat More Fruit!”. 

Here is a picture of my favorite fruit – The Nectarine!!! 


(Sorry, I am not the best photographer in the world.  Note to self – Work on that!)

This is the white nectarine so the skin is just a little lighter, at times, but what you want is a fruit that is heavy for it’s size, color at the stem, and you want them to look the opposite of your skin:  very dark and with tons of sun spots.  This can not be replicated by machines and coloring so you know they were on a tree getting nice and sweet.

If you love summer fruit, get it now before it’s gone. 

*****ACT NOW!!!  You only have a limited amount of time before they are gone.  And if you call within the next thirtly minutes, I will throw in a good dose of Vitamins.  Call  1-888-YUMMMY!******

Have a “Fruity” Day! (Hey, am I what I eat?)